Easy Reader in Eye Shape

Rating REaD EyE - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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  • age 5+
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About REaD EyE

This is a free app whose aim is to make reading text as simple as it can possibly be. The app has been been developed by a Japanese company however it is based solely in the English language. To use the app you copy text from any website/webpage onto your phone or ipad and then the open the app. Once you have done so you are able to then read the text as it moves across the screen at whatever pace you chose. Although this is the sole purpose of the app it does allow the user to read text quicker and also helps them to improve their reading speed as they become use to the speed that it travels across the screen.

REaD EyE Review

This app has been developed by a Japanese company however it is completely in the English language so is able to be used in all English speaking countries. As the functionality of the app is to scroll text across the screen at differing screens I would imagine that you also be able to use this app in other countries too, although the instructions are solely in English so a basic understanding of the English would be needed.

The developers website is quite basic however there are quite a few instructional videos that help explain the purpose of the app and how to use it. The instructions are in both Japanese as well as English however this is not a problem but the layout of the website could certainly be improved to add more credence to what is actually a good app.

The aim of the app is to help users improve their abilities in reading text quickly or at least at different speeds. The way it does this is by moving text across the screen in front of the user and allowing the user to dictate the pace by swiping left or right on the screen to speed it up or slow it down. This is the basic premise of the app and in reality it does no more than this. However the potential uses for the app are a lot more. It will utilise any text that have copied on your device from any website or webpage and then scroll this along the page within the app. All the user has to do is copy any selected text, open the app and then hold down on the screen to enter the menu. The menu's top option is to use the copied text which is easily selected. Once done the text will scroll across the screen either in 5, 3 (making the shape of an eye) or one line (scrolling across the middle of the screen. These options can be selected within the main menu too. There is also an option in the main menu to go to the developer's website where more instructions are given if the user is struggling. 

As the app is basically just a tool to scroll text across the screen there is no need for any fancy graphics or sounds however the graphics it does is very simple but completely effective. At the very centre of the screen, where the text runs across there is a target like set of ever decreasing circles. This is the central point where your eye focuses on the text so it is useful for it to be there to keep your vision in the best possible place to read the text. I would like in future developments of the app for there to be an option to change the font if possible, especially as there are certain dyslexic friendly fonts that could be utilised for dyslexic readers (this app could certainly be a useful tool for dyslexic readers).

Overall though this is a useful tool that helps users to be able read lots of text easily as the app does the job of scrolling it across the screen rather than having to continually move the page up and down to read it. With the ability to flick back and forth in and out of the app it certainly makes it an app that could be invaluable to users who find themselves reading a lot of text.

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Sasagawa Yoshihiro

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