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Learn to read and write Hindi

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About RBhasha Hindi

RBhasha is a kid friendly app that teaches children Hindi alphabets through a colourful world of letters and sounds. It also introduces Hindi vowels (Svar) and consonants (Vyanjan) to children in a fun way.

RBhasha Hindi Review

The app starts off by helping children to learn their letters and shows them how they are written and how they fit together to make words. It includes many elements that children will love: colors, stickers, cartoon characters, and funny animations. 

Each letter is introduced with a word, an engaging picture and the sound in context.  The clear pictures used helps children to easily identify the words with a certain sound – they can then make links with the written word.  Children are then given the opportunity to trace the letters. We love the way children can see, hear and trace the letters and the way in which they are clearly put into context for them.

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RBhasha is a beautifully designed app with voice-over to learn the sound of each letter. The voice-over is available in both Hindi and English. It can be changed by clicking on the "Settings" icon on the top right inside the app.

There are five sections within the app. Each sections are good for teaching children the basics of the alphabet and are an ideal introduction to reading and spelling.

Vowels Section

RBhasha Hindi lets kids explore words and sentences in Hindi, one letter at a time. You can see all the 12 vowels displayed in order. Kids can scroll through the alphabet, select one, and hear a word in Hindi that begins with that letter. You can also choose to trace each letter to demonstrate how it’s written.

Consonants Section

As you click a consonant you can hear its name or phonic sound.  The app introduces each consonant with an animated picture along with the name, one at a time. You can see all the 36 consonants displayed in order. Kids can follow the dots displayed to trace the letter.

Drawing Section

A drawing board kind of feature where children can practice drawing few shapes like circle, stars and other shapes as well. They can learn the words while drawing the shapes.

Consonants + Vowels Section

The app provides the kids with an option to combine a consonant and vowel. When the consonant and vowel scatter across the screen, kids must tap and drag the letter. Once they release it, both combines and the word comes to life. Then a sentence is shown as an example on how the combination of consonant and vowel has been used.

Learn New Words Section

In this section, kids can learn new words on fruits, animals, shapes and objects. Each word is pronounced in Hindi and the letters are scattered once clicked. Kids can drag and drop the scattered letters to form the word pronounced earlier. Once they complete the word, then the same word is used in a sentence for the kids to understand the meaning of it.

What parents need to know about

After each activity, kids are awarded stickers as rewards for their achievements. Kids will love these stickers as they are colourful and fun.  In each section, when an activity is completed with a packet of letters and word constructions, there will be an increase in number of stars that shows the progress of the kid in that particular section.

Once kids have completed all the activities inside the app, parents can reset the app data for them to start all over again. It can be done by selecting the “Settings” icon on the top right and pressing the Reset button.

We love the animation that supports the music where small children would not only find the music soothing but also fun to look at. The game play was simple enough for them to complete it without adult support. The app works great without an Internet connection. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases or any ads.

A secured section for parents contains external links to social media and setttings. There is also lite version available for the app to try before unlocking all the features in this paid version.

Educational Value

Kids can learn beginning Hindi reading skills by learning the sounds each letter makes and how they fit together to make full words. Kids can learn some phonics and word-recognition skills as they piece together words and sentences. Though the sentences might be too complex for beginning learners, RBhasha Hindi is a great way for kids to build some foundational phonics in Hindi. The app helps you child to develop auditory and fine motor skills. Individualized progress reports for parents will make the app even more addictive.

Improvements & Feedback

It would also have been better if parents can set up multiple user profiles so different family members could play. It is engaging enough for kids, but not addictive in any way. This is not an app that will preoccupy kids for hours on end; rather it provides short but effective bursts of learning. The app has a potential of including timed challenges to increase the difficulty levels to match the abilities of the children.

Final Summary

This is a fantastic app to introduce Hindi alphabets to young children in a fun way. The app is easy to use and will be motivating for kids to play and learn their initial letters. If you have been looking for a great app to learn Hindi alphabet for your young ones, you should definitely give RBhasha Hindi a try.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)



Communication Skills


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