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  • age 3+
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RainbowSmart – Learn & Grow Review

Children supported in personal, social and emotional development enjoy many benefits that help them to be happier and healthier. They can communicate better, display empathy, and understand their feelings. With these skills, they can better make friends and deal with life's events.

With so many young children in society displaying signs of mental wellness issues, the assumption that they develop personal, social and emotional skills without guidance is clearly false. RainbowSmart Learn and Grow is an award-winning app that supports parents in helping their children become self-reflective and emotionally intelligent.

RainbowSmart – Learn & Grow Features

  • Educational cartoons to support emotional development and reflection
  • Mindfulness videos to soothe and relax
  • Read-to-me books with voiceovers and word highlighting
  • Permanently free content, even without a subscription
  • Colourful and friendly RainbowDrop characters to engage children's interest
  • 200+ emotion-communication flashcards
  • Content relevant to daytime and bedtime conversations and activities

Screenshots of RainbowSmart – Learn & Grow

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RainbowSmart Pricing

RainbowSmart's subscription is weekly, but as it is set at a low price, it still proves good value and gives you more flexibility than if it were monthly. Some content remains accessible in the app whether you subscribe or not.

Is it good for learning?

RainbowSmart focuses on personal, social and emotional development. Its large selection of content encourages children to think and reflect on their behaviour, relationships with others, and emotional responses. The content also includes tools to help them self-soothe and real-world links to help children with daily events such as bedtime. As narration and word highlighting support the on-screen text and images, the app also allows children to grow their vocabulary and recognise words.

More Information

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Benefits for Students

Children are not less emotionally able today than in the past, but we are better able to recognise the effects of a lack of support in helping them develop the skills they need to be happy and healthy.

RainbowSmart is a lovely app for children to use independently, whether watching the animations or using mindfulness videos and techniques to help them regulate their emotional responses.

In the short term, children will enjoy using the app and find it fun and entertaining. 

In the long term, they will feel better able to communicate their feelings, understand how their actions impact others, and develop coping strategies. The app teaches children to think about their feelings, but not they must face them alone. The scenarios in the app's content make it clear that children should reach out to their caregivers when needed.

With these emotional tools, children will feel less frustration, enjoy better relationships with others, and be better able to cope.

Benefits for Teachers

The three-to-seven targeted age range of RainbowSmart makes it relevant to preschool children and the youngest who attend school.

The app will provide teachers with lots of talking points to share with their class, either as part of a general social and emotional learning session or in response to specific events that may have recently occurred.

The mindfulness content in Rainbow Smart is also a valuable resource for teachers to have to help calm an excitable class or help individuals who struggle with stress and anxiety.

The app's website also has some useful printable resources, which are always welcome by teachers.

Benefits for Parents

Parents have always tried to help children develop emotionally, but many find it difficult. Unlike with an academic subject such as maths, personal, social, and emotional learning is more complicated to pin down and examples more challenging to imagine. 

RainbowSmart provides a fantastic focal point for parents and children to follow together. The content is superbly produced and highly relevant to the targeted age group. They'll make great progress together as they share and talk about what they see in RainbowSmart.

The added advantage of parents sharing the app with children is that the learning can continue when they switch it off. Referring to the app's stories and videos during daily life will help link the understanding children built in the app to real-life issues and events.

The events aren't constrained to general emotions such as stress or anxiety but go into specific scenarios that can cause complicated feelings. For example, there are stories about getting glasses for the first time, going into hospital and parental separation.

With so much content, it was inevitable that RainbowSmart would need to download its content on demand. Fortunately, you can prompt the app to download content in advance while you have a connection for your children to use later.

Download RainbowSmart – Learn & Grow

You can download RainbowSmart – Learn & Grow on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the RainbowSmart – Learn & Grow app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download RainbowSmart – Learn & Growfor Android Download RainbowSmart – Learn & Growfor iOS Visit Website

Final Verdict: RainbowSmart – Learn & Grow Review

Ultimately, all education is about helping children achieve a happy and fulfilling life. RainbowSmart is a fantastic resource to ensure that emotional and social learning is not lost among the focus on traditional subjects. 

Its content is varied in purpose, topics, and style. In usefulness and presentation, it is consistently excellent, which is why I have awarded RainbowSmart five stars in this review. With some free content, whether or not you subscribe, we highly recommend downloading it to try it out.

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