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Rainbow Cars: Kids Colors Game

About Rainbow Cars: Kids Colors Game

Play with colorful cars and learn colors in an exciting learning experience!

Kids Learn COLORS & COUNTING With MAGICAL COLORFUL CARS in a Super Creative App! IT’S WILLY WONKA MEETS CARS IN A WILDLY PLAYFUL AND AWESOME GAME! Discover the Superpower of Special Cars As They Do Tricks, Stunts and much More!

Start your engines, warm up your wheels, they’re coming and they’re colorful...

Meet the magical rainbow cars in the Rainbow Cars - Kids Learn COLORS through Fun Games! It’s “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” meets “Cars.” Kids can take the cars on a wild ride - first washing them in a magical, color car wash and then painting them with a superpower car painting machine. Through an awesome, creative, interactive play experience with gorgeous graphics, games and puzzles, kids will learn about a rainbow of colors. Playing with cars has never been so fun or colorful! This smart Rainbow Cars app comes chock full of puzzles, memory games, counting games and more.

What’s inside Rainbow Cars - Kids Learn COLORS through Fun Games app:

  • Choose colors & Paint Superpower cars with our interactive Car Painting Machine.
  • Dry the fresh paint in an awesome kids drying machine.
  • Create music by playing a colorful Piano, each color has a secret tune.
  • Learn the special superpowers of the cars: Nature, Air, Fire, Love, Solar Energy & Magic.

Exciting and educational games on each book page!

  • Jigsaw puzzles - Awesome puzzles enhance the story and promote critical thinking skills
  • Paint-a-Picture - Dozens of coloring pages and paints
  • Get crafty with your kids and share their masterpieces with friends!
  • Counting - 1 to 10 counting game is cool and fun
  • Memory Match - Fire up your child’s memory skills with this smart activity!
  • Placement Puzzle - Place a character in their puzzle piece
  • Find the Item - Critical thinking skills and memory come together in this fun activity
  • Memorize and Place - A great memory game that relates to the story and sharpens retention
  • Touch & Play the games button (the button with the 3 colorful cubes at the top right side of the screen)

Rainbow Cars - Kids Learn COLORS through Fun Games app Special Features

  • Colorful cars designed to engage children and teach them about colors and counting.
  •  Activate the magical car machines– children learn to create and customize scenes step by step.
  • Lively, cheerful sound effects
  • Incredible interactive graphics together with a fun story
  • Record your voice and make your car talk

Kids can create music while playing a piano made up of the colorful cars. Each car has its own tune. Cruising around town pointing at the colorful buildings and racing are just part of the many games and puzzles included in this app. Once a game is completed, players are rewarded with a variety of "celebrations" to congratulate them.

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  • Rainbow Cars: Kids Colors GameRainbow Cars: Kids Colors GameRainbow Cars: Kids Colors GameRainbow Cars: Kids Colors GameRainbow Cars: Kids Colors GameRainbow Cars: Kids Colors Game