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About QuotEd Reading Comprehension

QuotEd builds your reading & logical reasoning skills for standardized tests.

QuotEd seeks to transform your comprehension of standardized testing. Whether ACT Prep, SAT Prep, GMAT, LSAT, or GRE Prep, QuotEd is designed to engage your perception of test questions through a format both familiar and enjoyable: quotations! Each week day, Monday-Friday at 9 AM EST, QuotEd will release a new quotation with a specifically crafted question attached to it. Each new quote will challenge your understanding of how questions and answer choices can be constructed to throw off test-takers, enhancing your reading comprehension. Through QuotEd’s thorough analysis of hundreds of standardized tests—middle school to graduate school entrance exams—your testing proficiency will be strengthened in a progressive format that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.
QuotEd’s unique possibilities for your LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT or other exam study include:

* 1 brand new quotation and question each week day

* Brief explanations of all answer choices.

* Varying levels of difficulty, 1-5.

* Author and work for each quotation.

* Bank of quotations to memorize (pick 2 or 3!) for your exam essays or to look up for your admissions essays.

* A 10-question quiz mode for when you have time for more than the daily question.

Unlike other apps, we do not believe in tiered groups of paid users – everyone is a premium user for QuotEd. Please like us on Facebook or follow us QuotEd’s Twitter feed at for special theme weeks to win free QuotEd gear. Also, at the end of each year, QuotEd will sponsor scholarship competitions that build upon our quotation-based conversation and community. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, discover what it takes to be quoted.

--The QuotEd Team

P.S. Note to ACT users: Yes, there are 5 answer choices, not 4. The increased number of options will actually benefit you when you return to ACT-styled questions. Because there is 1 fewer answer choice on the ACT reading section, your brain will navigate those 4 answer choices faster, thus improving your reading speed. Overload now, and enjoy the smoother ride on the real ACT test!

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