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About QuizzLand

QuizzLand is a trivia app that helps users to enhance their skills and knowledge and upgrade their intellect. QuizzLand is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

QuizzLand Review

What do we like about Quizzland?

QuizzLand provides people with the opportunity to learn new things because each question in the app is accompanied by a thorough explanation. 

What skills does it improve?

The application QuizzLand contains a variety of mini-games to practise paying attention and using logic, competitions, duels, and other features to make learning simple and enjoyable.

Is Quizzland free?

QuizzLand is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Quizzland easy to use?

You can receive an endless supply of questions from QuizzLand, an entertainment trivia game, which is unique. Install QuizzLand and use it to learn new things while answering trivia questions and reading informative explanations. You may unwind and forget about your everyday problems with the assistance of this trivia game to reduce stress.

How will users benefit?

A simple "Play" button starts a level ladder-equipped map. Before you may reach the exit after a level begins, you must flip several cards. Each card has a symbol that designates its category, such as a globe for geography, two masks for the arts, a miniature test tube for science, etc. When you correctly respond to questions, you earn stars or coins; when you incorrectly respond, you lose points and must watch a movie as punishment. You reach milestones that are designated as achievements as the game progresses. Additionally, the daily challenge sees an improvement in your country's overall ranking.

You flip cards after you've begun a level to receive a random assortment of questions. Each question's level of difficulty is shown below the card in one, two, or three lines for Easy, Medium, and Hard. To comprehend what you are up against next, you must once more use some imagination. It is harder to complete levels as you level up since the questions get harder.

What can Quizzland improve on?

Unfortunately, Quizzland does not allow the user to select a category for answering a question.

How much does Quizzland cost?

QuizzLand is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

Each question in Quizzland has a built-in Wikipedia page, in essence. And sure, both the questions you correctly answered and the questions you incorrectly answered are affected by this. There is more than enough time to respond to inquiries, collect your ideas, and improve your performance on each round of inquiries. The app is a fantastic way to kill time while learning something new. Having a group of others to play with enhances the experience.

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Android, iPad, iPhone






Critical Thinking


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