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About QuizUp™

QuizUp is a social trivia game. Players can challenge friends they invite from their contacts, Facebook, Twitter, or Game Center, or they can play randomly matched strangers. Topics are exhaustive (with more added constantly), ranging from educational topics in math, spelling, and history to lifestyle topics and literature. 

QuizUp was removed from the App Store on January 2021, and the game is being discontinued on March 2021. You can read our best list of Trivia Apps.

QuizUp™ Review

With Quizup, players pit their wits against friends and strangers alike in real-time, intense, timed trivia challenges on hundreds of topics.’  With over 220,000 questions, and more added all the time, it is a hard game to get tired of.’  To start players sign up either through Facebook or an email address.’  If a teen chooses to use their Facebook account, the app will connect them with Facebook friends that also have the game. Privacy issues when using a Facebook account of course abound so library staff should encourage teens to think carefully when choosing this option.’  Players teens connect with in the game will see a teen Facebook profile picture and cover photo as well as being able to send messages through the app.

Quizup is regularly adding new topics but for now there are quizzes that cover everything from math and science to popular culture. When a player finds a topic of interest there are two choices. ‘ Users may play a friend or a stranger. ‘ Playing a stranger, the app will match the player with someone else from anywhere around the world. ‘ If playing a stranger, all that’s needed is to hit 'Play now' and the app will match the user with another player and the game starts.

To play a friend, players select Challenge and then choose from a friend on their list. ‘ If a teen selects to play with a friend, that friend doesn’t have to be available to play at the moment a game is started. Friends are notified of a game challenge and are able to join when they next log on (this is similar to Words with Friends except the player doesn’t have to wait for a friend to make a move before continuing).

Each quiz has seven questions and the faster each is answered correctly, the more points awarded’  The final round is worth double points for a correct answer.’ For each individual topic, players can achieve a separate status level.’  The more the game is played, the higher the level achieved.

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