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About Quizplus

Quizplus has a broad array of tools to disseminate a massive amount of study material. Quizzes, and practice tests combine with flashcards and textbook solutions to provide effective access to more than 300,000 quizzes covering 30 college-level study topics. Subscribers have access to various branches of science and maths, medicine, computing, the humanities, law, business and more.

Quizplus has native apps on iOS and Android. You can test it with a limited free trial before choosing a subscription that meets your requirements in value or content.

Quizplus Review

What is Quizplus app?

Quizplus is a learning platform that aims to help college-aged students.

Homework Help

Students may have much they want to learn, but they will also have reached new levels of learning. They can become effective teachers to peers because they remember what confused them and what cleared it. Quizplus lets its subscribers post questions for others to answer in its Homework Help section.

Textbook solutions

Subscribers can access solutions to problems in a wide selection of popular textbooks. Experts verify these solutions, and the ones viewed in this review gave good explanations that would be useful to learners.


Students can create custom flashcards using Quizplus's flashcard maker or download a deck from the well-stocked Quizplus flashcard library. The cards follow the traditional flashcard format and allow students to self-mark them as understood or not.


Quizplus is built with community spirit in mind. The same people who use it for learning also upload resources such as textbook solutions, answers, and flashcards. However, any educational service stands or falls on its accuracy and clarity, so Quizplus moderates the content to ensure appropriateness and verifies it to ensure accuracy. Verified material is marked as such.

What we love about Quizplus app.

The sheer amount of content in Quizplus is astounding. As the platform's community has grown, so has the number of quizzes, flashcard decks, and other materials. We couldn't hope to check everything in the app during this review, but what we did view showed that the app's moderation team kept pace to ensure the quality remains.

The app works very well in different contexts, and its multi-format availability enhances this. It is excellent on a laptop for reference while studying or writing assignments but is also ideal for ongoing practice using the quizzes on a mobile device.

What skills does it teach?

Quizplus contains content for a wide range of subjects and topics. It lists its most popular topics as engineering, nursing, information technology, language, computing and business, but many others are also covered.

What age is it appropriate for?

Quizplus's intended users are college students. As the app allows sharing of material and interaction between members, it is unsuitable and not intended for use by anyone younger.

Is Quizplus app easy to use?

The tools within Quizplus are simple to use and will be familiar to most people who have used an app or web-based creation tools before.

How will students benefit?

For many students, building a flashcard deck can be as valuable as using it as it is another way of observing and absorbing information. Quizplus gives students the tools to create their own flashcard sets. It is easy to add a definition/question and answer/term.

Ease of creation is important because the purpose of creating a deck is to learn, so students need to be able to get this task done with minimal friction.

Students who feel they will do better practising with a flashcard deck than creating one aren't compelled into making one. They have access to Quizplus-created flashcards and decks made by the app's community of users.

Quizplus's simple and convenient approach makes it easy to use the app in most locations. It is ideal on students' phones as they'll always have the app available for quick learning. Travelling or waiting becomes a study session, leaving more of the day for leisure.

How will parents benefit?

Once kids go beyond a certain level of education, their parents find supporting them with homework and extending learning more challenging. The higher level and more in-depth nature of the material at this level means that parents have forgotten it, maybe never covered it as part of their education, or lack confidence that they will not misinform their kids.

Quizplus provides the support that parents cannot. Its user community, quizzes and textbook solutions deliver the facts and information. Parents can still help, but with Quizplus, they should have the foundations to do it effectively and accurately.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers don't have the time to help every student individually who might need extra support. Quizplus can help students stuck on a homework task or struggling to understand a topic without taking up a teacher's time. Those learners get a confidence boost from solving their own problems, and teachers are free to support other learners or spend more time preparing the next lesson.

How much does Quizplus app cost?

Quizplus is a subscription-based app with a feature-limited free trial.

You can choose monthly, quarterly, and yearly options, but note that these are not differentiated only on price. As is typical of most subscription apps, Quizplus's value increases with the longer-duration tiers, but in addition to a lower daily rate, they also add extra content. For example, the yearly option includes 180 premium flashcards as opposed to 15 in the monthly subscription.

This sliding scale makes the best value option for you a decision based not only on how long you expect to use the app but how many images, flashcards, and quizzes you need. You will get the same amount in the long term; 15 flashcards per month for 12 months is 180, but if you want them all up front, the yearly subscription is for you.

The subscription awards you credits to spend on the various tools. You'll lose unused credits if you terminate your subscription, and they will not renew if you resume your subscription. Any unused credits roll over to subsequent months if you don't end your subscription.

Students can use material they have created, such as essays and PowerPoint decks, to earn credits. These must reach a minimum quality level, be relevant to an area of study, and, of course, the user must hold the copyright to everything within.

Is Quizplus app safe to use?

Quizplus's user community is a positive feature as its members share support and resources. Quizplus has clear community guidelines and asks users to report inappropriate service use to its support team. However, whatever the purpose and intention of a platform, users can deviate from the guidelines and rules, and there can be a lag between an inappropriate post and its removal.

Quizplus's privacy policy indicates that it conforms to GDPR and COPPA standards. It also has what it refers to as an 'Honor Code' stating the app's expectations regarding such things as using the app to cheat or otherwise undermine the educational aims of students and teachers using the app.

What can Quizplus app improve on?

We'd like to see the subscription policies for the different platforms become unified. Check the conditions for whichever platform you use to ensure they meet your expectations.

As we do for all free trials on all platforms, we recommend setting a reminder to ensure you make an active decision about your subscriptions.

Overall rating of the app.

Quizplus is an excellent app for learning and practising. In its current form, it brings convenience, variety, and effectiveness to students' learning. Its multi-subject coverage makes it an economical solution for learners yet to specialise, and its many features suit various learning styles and preferences.

We highly recommend that college-level students try the app and see how its features fit in with how they learn.

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