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QuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the Photos

About QuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the Photos

Set and take picture based quizzes with people around the world or just with people you know.

Teacher Review

QuizPic is an interesting app that could be utilised in many different ways.  Its main function is to facilitate a picture based quiz between its users. The app opens up into a useful tutorial that walks the player through an overview of how to take part in quizzes.

The app’s users are the biggest source of quizzes.  Each player is able to set a quiz by following a simple step by step process.  Select a picture either from your device’s camera roll or by taking a picture with its camera.  Then choose the type of quiz. These can be a straightforward picture or one that is modified in some way. The modifications range from the fairly straightforward rearranged tile effect to a much harder to work out swirl.  Next select the type of question, such as who am I, where am I and so on.  Finally, an answer needs to be provided followed by the false answers for the multiple choice quiz.

Once the chosen user, either from a friend list or from a randomised selection, receives the challenge they’ll receive a push notification.  You can check the quizzes you’ve sent and received, as well as their status, on an overview screen to see how those you’ve challenged have fared. 

The app’s interface is somewhat unusual, although visually attractive.  It works well but it may take a little getting used to rotating a dial and then tapping the top most segment of it.

The app takes a responsible approach to the problem that any app with a social aspect faces – that of inappropriate behaviour.  There are a number of features to restrict the incoming challenges and generally set the app up in a way suitable for different children.  Notably, and most importantly, quiz challenges from the entirety of the app’s users can be turned off.  With this option toggled off potential quizzers make contact with a specific identity, such as an email address.  If any misuse of the app does occur, there is a facility to report it to the developers who promise to deal with it. There isn’t a way to lock down these settings from child access so some level of supervision may be needed.

Parents and teachers will want to ensure that this app is set up in a way that they feel suits their child and it then becomes a really interesting way of setting class or individual challenges.  Historical figures, monuments around the world, country outlines and so on could all be sent as a picture to a class to prompt them to work their way through books, atlases and websites in search of an answer.  As the quiz setter can see who has provided an answer they can see who has put in the effort.  Challenges set by children will also encourage them to not only find out about the correct answer but find plausible, although incorrect, trick answers. Incentives are also provided by being able to earn coins in the game to unlock new sections.

The app is free to initially download so if this sounds like something you could use it is worth checking out.

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Screenshots for QuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the Photos

  • QuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the PhotosQuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the PhotosQuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the PhotosQuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the PhotosQuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the Photos


Try out your skills as a game creator! Make up a tricky picture quiz and test how savvy your friends are!

Get your game ready in a flash: just pick a photo and transform it into a puzzle or a quiz with a question. Have fun sending brainteasers to your friends and accepting challenges yourself!


- Choose your opponent via email, Facebook or randomly
- Pick a photo from your album or take a new shot on the go
- Turn your pic into a Tile Puzzle or Swirl puzzle
- Add tricky answers to your quizzes to mislead the opponents
- Earn points by solving quizzes sent to you
- Share your achievements via Facebook and email
- Collect & redeem coins to unlock new games in the Puzzle Shop

Turn your device into a game studio and quiz ‘em all!

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