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About Quizlet

Quizlet is a versatile and user-friendly flashcard app that offers various learning modes, including gamification options and conventional flashcard and quiz modes. This app is ideal for students who want to prepare for spelling tests by learning vocabulary or for anyone looking to improve their knowledge in almost any subject.

Quizlet is a multi-platform with app and web-based options. Following a trial, you can choose the most suitable subscription.

Quizlet Review

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a pop-quiz app with an enormous database of more than 300 million study sets across various subjects. Study sets work as decks of flashcards that you can shuffle and play to test your knowledge on your subject of choice.

Quizlet Features

The Quizlet app offers a range of features and benefits for both students and teachers, including:

  • Magic Notes, which allows you to upload class notes and turn them into flashcards, practice tests, and essay prompts
  • The ability to create your own flashcard sets or browse millions of flashcards made by other students and teachers
  • Interactive flashcard games and formative assessments
  • Learn and Test modes to help you turn flashcards into quizzes and practice tests
  • Spaced repetition to help you retain material for the long term
  • Expert-written solutions to help you tackle even the toughest homework problems.
  • Quizlet has recently added generative AI capabilities to support learners further.

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Is Quizlet app safe to use?

Quizlet's privacy policy indicates that it conforms to GDPR and COPPA standards. It also has what it refers to as an 'Honor Code' stating the app's expectations regarding such things as using the app to cheat or otherwise undermine the educational aims of students and teachers using the app.

What we love about Quizlet

Many apps use claims of educational theory as part of their marketing, but few link to supporting sources. Quizlet's supporting website provides sources for its claims, which you can follow up on. All educational theories have their supporters and detractors, but Quizlet helps its would-be users make an informed decision by providing these links

This information explains the reasoning behind Quizlet's methods, testing and guidance.

What skills does it teach?

Quizlet contains content for a wide range of subjects and topics. The app is quiz- and flashcard-based, which best suits practising fact retrieval and mental calculations.

What age is it appropriate for?

Quizlet's intended users are students over the age of 13 but, according to the app's privacy policy, it can accommodate those under this age by removing some features and requiring parental consent.

How will students benefit?

Quizlet gives students the tools to create their own flashcard sets. It is easy to add a definition/question and answer/term along with an optional image. For many students, building a deck can be as helpful as using it as it is another way of observing and absorbing the information.

Ease of creation is important because the purpose of creating a deck is to learn, so students need to be able to get this task done with minimal friction. The availability of a library of images is a useful way of reducing the friction further for learners who find visual information useful.

Students who feel they will do better practising with a flashcard deck than creating one aren't compelled into making one. They have access to Quizlet's created flashcards and decks made by the app's community of users. Its recent incorporation of generative AI adds a further option to automate material creation.

Quizlet's simple and convenient approach makes using the app in most locations easy. It is ideal on students' phones as they'll always have the app available for quick learning. Travelling or waiting becomes a study session, leaving more of the day for leisure.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers have the option of getting Quizlet Plus For Teachers. Subscribing to this service for their class gives teachers whole-class insights into their student's performance. They can track their students' progress, including whether they have started quizzes but have not completed them. Seeing this can help teachers provide words of encouragement at the appropriate time.

This teacher subscription also includes the Quizlet Live and Checkpoint features, which provide activities for use during the lesson.

Quizlet Live is great for reviewing the current lesson or past learning and is easy to set up. It can harness students' competitive natures if you wish. Students get access to the quiz using a digit-based code or QR code, and teachers see a live update of the results.

Checkpoint uses music, animations, and timers to add fun to the quiz

These in-class options add a whole extra dimension to Quizlet, turning it from a revision tool into a formative assessment and learning motivation activity, which students will eagerly anticipate.

Teachers with this subscription also have more advanced creation tools. They have more formatting options for the text, audio inclusion, and more.

How much does Quizlet Plus cost?

The premium plan from Quizlet, called Quizlet Plus, gives you access to advanced study tools and features. It offers offline study and removes ads, and allows students to use Quizlet Learn to master the subjects.

You can choose monthly, quarterly, and yearly tiers, but be aware that these are not differentiated only on price. Like most subscription apps, Quizlet's value increases with the more extended tiers. In addition to lower daily rates, they also add extra content. For example, the yearly tier includes 180 premium flashcards instead of 15 in the monthly tier.

Teachers can access a thirty-day free trial of Quizlet Plus for Teachers subscription. It will be yearly if they choose to go ahead with a subscription. Schools and teachers who choose this subscription receive a discount based on the number of users they declare.

Final Verdict of Quizlet

Quizlet is a great app for learning and practice. In its current form, Quizlet brings convenience, variety, and effectiveness to students' learning and teachers' lessons.

We recommend the yearly subscription for the best value because Quizlet is frequently updated and improved. In particular, Quizlet is an early educational app adopter of ChatGPT technology to give learners an always-available tutor.

You won't be disappointed with Quizlet. Download it and give this five-star app a try.

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