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About Quizlet

With the Quizlet app, students can search an online database of more than 13 million user-created flashcard sets on a wide variety of topics. This app is free, and the content varies from highly useful to useless. The app is for reviewing flashcards and students can use it to create their own sets of flashcards.

Quizlet Review

Quizlet is the perfect solution to never needing another package of index cards to run through vocabulary words in preparation for a spelling test. It works for studying concepts from almost any subject.

Quizlet really amps up studying and takes it to the next level. Kids can review vocabulary words anytime they have a free moment and since the app stores lists, everything is there when it comes time for an end of the year exam. The talking cards are perfect for students with dyslexia who need alternatives to reading long definitions to learn the meaning of domain specific words.

Quizlet is used in every imaginable setting and is essential to both education and business. Its purpose is to help students with things like memorization, recalling key concepts and basic practice in everything from vocabulary to math to language learning. 

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Publisher's Description

Quizlet makes studying fun, easy, and effective. Create your own sets of study material or choose from millions created by other Quizlet users, then master your subject with powerful interactive learning tools:


  • Make your own flashcards
  • Put your memory to the test with Learn
  • Race against the clock in a game of Match
  • Share with classmates or your students
  • Listen to automatic pronunciations in 18 languages
  • Enhance your studying with images and audio


"I cannot live without Quizlet anymore, and I assume it's the same for my students :-) Quizlet is a must for every language learner. The Quizlet team always amazes me with its evolution. Just like learning, it only gets better.” - Toshi, English Teacher

"I just started using Quizlet this year, and boy is it a miracle worker! This site has really helped my studying habits, not to mention the fun games! Keep up the good work Quizlet!” - Samuel, High School Student

“Quizlet helps me be more confident on tests. :) I could not have gotten to where I am now in school without it!” - Treeton, Middle School Student

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