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About Quiver 3D Coloring App

Quiver Education is a 3D coloring app that uses augmented reality technology. This 3D coloring app is one of the best virtual reality apps for kids on the market today. Quiver is a 3D coloring app that allows coloring pages to pop into 3-D via augmented reality. Quiver is available for free to download on iOS, Android, and Fire OS.

Quiver 3D Coloring App Review

What is Quiver app

Quiver is a 3D coloring app that brings coloring pages "to life" using 3D augmented reality (AR). Kids love coloring apps, but Quiver takes that love to the next level allowing kids to color and create and 3D. Quiver app is a very innovative 3D colouring app supporting both learning and fun in a less usual yet highly interesting way.

The navigational design of the app is quite straightforward and simple. Quiver features three main functions:

  1. The user can access and print a range of colouring pages including strange animals, educational series mainly related to geography, biology, two and three dimensional shapes, and cartoon characters. These colouring packs can be printed either directly from the app or through a web page online.
  2. The user can then colour in these pages using normal colouring pencils.
  3. By placing the Quiver app on top of a colouring page and pressing the tap button, the colouring page comes to life in the form of an animation. By moving the device that hosts the app around, the user can view the animation from different angles.

How to use Quiver app

The exciting part is that the app does not only allow the preview of different animations but includes certain educational aspects such as quizzes and background information about what is previewed. Hence, the user gets the chance to colour in (that is an optional feature as the app can work perfectly well in cases when the colouring pages are not coloured) and play around with certain animations, find out more information about them and preview the animation from different angles. For example, the animation of Hector's dolphins provides information about the life of this species. Similarly the animation of a volcano comes with a quiz the aim of which is to recognise the different parts of a volcano.

When viewing any given animation the user can zoom it in and out, capture a photo or video record it, pause and resume it. Overall, this app uses successfully the potential of augmented reality and makes a traditional activity - colouring pages - an exciting and very educational experience. It comes in different languages including English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish and instructions on how to use the app.

Is the Quiver app free?

Quiver app is free to download. You will have limited number of free pages to play with. 

How much does Quiver costs?

The cost to subscribe depends on the license plan you choose and the country you live in. We have 5 different plans: 10 seats, 30 seats, 75 seats, 150 seats and a 500 seat school plan.

Subscription includes access to an extensive range of AR coloring experiences (150+ coloring sheets). It also provides access to a repository of supportive supplementary material and activity plans for teachers, students and parents to use in combination with the 3D content they have access to.

How do you get a free trial on Quiver?

You can sign up for a free trial of Quiver EDU Dashboard to experience it for yourself! Unlock over 150+ coloring sheets, digital teaching aids,and resources like activity plans and more. 

What the Quiver app could improve on

Despite the several advantages of this app, I am concerned as to whether children 6-8 years old (target group as advertised on app's website) could easily and effectively handle the device on top of the colouring page, use its different functions, and keep it stable in order to preview the animation from different angles. The presence and guidance of an adult (educator or parent) would definitely help overcome this potential limitation. Otherwise, it might be more useful the app to be promoted for use by older children. In addition, the integration of quizzes is very educational. It would have been more motivating if winning the quiz was accompanied by an oral or visual reward or contributed to unlocking new colouring pages which do not come with the application at the moment.

Quiver sheets add some extra educational opportunity and a lot of engagement to coloring. The interactive AR technology makes it a dazzling lesson extension for the classroom. Download Quiver now and have fun in coloring and then watch them virtually come alive.

Overall rating

Quiver is your one-stop shop for Augmented Reality content and lesson plans for Pre K to Year 4 and beyond. An educational platform that utilizes Augmented Reality coloring technology to help students better visualize & understand various learning subjects.

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