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Quick Fractions by Shiny Things brings a fresh approach to help master one of the most troublesome areas of mathematics. Quick Fractions focuses on an understanding of fractions as numbers and provides practice solving fraction problems.

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Quick Fractions is a quality app with four modes of play (equivalence, compare, addition & subtraction, and multiplication & division) to help kids fully understand how to use fractions. The game also tracks their progress so kids can set goals and see how much they improve as they play.

As players’ master their math, they earn stars to unlock in-game avatars. With a slick interface, Quick Fractions incorporates an advanced handwriting engine allowing users to write their answers directly on screen.

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Hate fractions? That’s ok! Quick Fractions is here to help you master one of the most troublesome areas of mathematics!

Perfect for those just starting out with fractions, more advanced students, or even adults looking for a challenge.


  • Equivalence: create equivalence with fractions, decimal and percentages.
  • Compare: use estimation and fraction knowledge to compare fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Addition and subtraction: use mental arithmetic to add and subtract using proper and improper fractions and mixed numerals.
  • Multiplication and division: use mental arithmetic to multiply and divide using proper and improper fractions and mixed numerals.


  • Operations games scaffold the process for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, and the new help section gives some handy reminders if you get stuck!
  • Practise creating equivalence with and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages, enhancing understanding of how the three relate.
  • Handwriting answers means students work out the answer instead of guessing from a range of presented options.
  • Track progress in each mode and difficulty level. Keep practicing to improve your score and unlock new avatars.


  • Aligned with international curricula.
  • Students work with fractions, decimals and percentages at their own pace in multiple games and difficulty levels.
  • User profiles allow use by multiple students on the same device.
  • Students can improve their times by simplifying fractions more efficiently (in certain difficulty levels and games).
  • Comparisons encourage estimation and understanding of fractions, and how they relate to decimals and percentages.


  • Allows kids to practise in their own time without unnecessary pressure.
  • An emphasis on self-improvement.
  • Focuses on four important areas to provide a comprehensive start to developing strategies for algebra and other higher order maths concepts.
  • Provides visual feedback on progress so your children (and you!) can see how they improve over time.
  • Different difficulty levels mean students of all ages and abilities can find something that works for them.
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