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Developer Description

Really Quick Bible App. 100% Free, No-Ads, Straight-Forward and Friendly.

100% free open-source Bible app, no ads, no registration required, no locked features, it just works.

King James version (KJV) with red text and other versions are downloadable.

Optimized for quick display and easy, to-the-point and straight-forward operation. You will see the Bible text when you open the app, without getting launcher menus, splash screens, branding logos, or requests for donations.

In KJV, red letters indicate words of Jesus, and italicized words indicate additions by translators to help readers.

Internet connection is NOT necessary to read the Bible. Enjoy the Word of God when you are offline.

This app is presented to you 100% free. No advertisements, locked features, or nagging screens. Please make some donations if you find this app useful.


• Very fast and simple operation
• Red-colored text for words spoken by Jesus
• Words in italics for translators' additions
• Multiword & exact-phrase search
• Navigate by typing verse reference directly e.g. "Jn 3 16"
• Bookmarks organizable by labels and colors
• Annotations/notes and highlighters
• Customizable text colors & even fonts
• Send current verse to a friend using Android Beam NFC
• Reads PalmBible+ PDB files for additional versions
• Additional translations and versions available for download (see below)
• History of recent verses (by long-pressing verse reference button)
• Backup/restore of bookmarks, notes, and highlights

To create bookmarks, write notes, copy/share and highlight verses, tap the verses to select them, then tap the drop-down button that appears.

Translations and Versions

English: American Standard Version (ASV), Bible in Basic English, World English Bible (WEB), Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
Greek: Byzantine/Majority Text, Textus Receptus, Tischendorf, Westcott/Hort
Chinese (Mandarin): Chinese Union (Simplified, Traditional)
Japanese: 口語訳 (kougo)
German: Luther
Polish: UBG and NBG
Romanian: Cornilescu
Tagalog (Philippines): Ang Dating Biblia

Other versions can be added from PDB files.


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If you are blessed by this app, please make a donation here: or select "Donate" from the application menu.


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