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Questioning the possibility of autism in your child? “Questioning Autism?” is a free, easy-to-use educational app designed to help parents and caregivers understand more about autism, and to provide a starting point for conversations with pediatricians.

Answer just 12 simple questions — adding notes if you like — and you’ll be better educated about the signs of autism. When you’re done, you can share your observations with others including your child’s pediatrician.

“Questioning Autism?” was inspired by one father’s difficulties explaining concerns about his son to his pediatrician, and the resulting delays getting critical help as early as possible. Hoping other parents wouldn’t have to have the same experience, he envisioned an app that would help inform parents about autism.

Features of “Questioning Autism?”:
- Answer 12 simple questions based on standard and accepted criteria
- Each question provides detailed examples and information to help you understand signs generally shared by children with autism
- You can add notes and observations for each question
- You can share your observations via email with trusted family, friends, caregivers or your doctor
- You can save your observations to track a child’s progress over time
- “Questioning Autism?” can be used for multiple children
- Includes helpful resources and information about early warning signs by age
- We respect your privacy: the app only stores your observations on your device
- “Questioning Autism?” is completely free, with no in-app purchases, fees, or advertisements whatsoever

**USERS OUTSIDE THE US** We have been informed that the app does not work correctly for users using an iOS region other than United States. We are looking into this problem.

What parents are saying about “Questioning Autism?”:

"I dearly wish I'd had this app when I first became worried about my son. It would have helped me articulate my concerns to his doctor which might have resulted in an earlier diagnosis."
Lesley G., Parent

“It is accessible, on target and remarkably clear. I think it's going to be immensely useful.”
Nora N., Parent

“I think the questions are great: they are concise and easy to understand.”
Michael T., Parent

"Parents should learn and understand the signs of autism as early as possible. 'Questioning Autism?' is a smart and powerful tool that makes it easy."
Stefanie Z., Parent

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