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About Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers

If your pre-school child likes puzzles, then Kobi Kids Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers could well be for them. The app features four themes which include Farm Animals, Dinosaurs, Vehicles, and Wonderland, each with twelve people, animals or objects in context with the scene. The child can choose an object to reveal within each scene and this splits into pieces for them to put together. The application has two scenes that are free with a purchase of £1.99 each for the remaining two scenarios.

Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers Review

What we love about Kobi Kids Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers

What we liked about Kobi Kids Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers was the presentation of the scenes and the speed with which the child can enter into each scene. The variety of scenes and the girl and boy friendly people, animals and objects was a real bonus to ensure engaging learning for all the family. The richness of prime colours and the delightfully drawn objects adds to the apps ‘stickability’ to ensure all objects are viewed in detail. The background music is innocuous and also aids in the concentration of the user as does the statutory sounds for transitions.

We also liked the concept of tapping on the object outline to draw sections by counting to ten, a worthy educational benefit. The splitting of the object into six irregular pieces that scatter at random is also an excellent task demanding important pattern recognition skills for the youngster.

What skills does it improve?

Kobi Puzzles touches a number of very important pre school skills for children. Puzzle solving on a digital device develops logic, spatial and fine motor skills and Kobi Puzzle is no exception. The process of splitting the objects by numbers contributes to enhancing the skill of counting and recognising numbers. The final important learning skill is the development of the child’s vocabulary and pronunciation when the puzzle is completed and the object name is spoken and shown on the screen. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Kobi Kids Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers is a must for the pre school child and can also be used with EFL children.

Is the Kobi Puzzles app easy to use?

We think this application is very easy to use with an intuitive user friendly interface that guides you into the learning activities quickly.

How will children benefit?

Children will benefit from Kobi Puzzle by engaging in puzzles that develop their fine motor, pattern recognition and broadening vocabulary skills.

How will Teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from knowing that the children are developing important pre school skills that will help them lay the foundations for the development in the future.

How will Parents benefit?

Parents will benefit from their children being engaged in a well structured and entertaining educational app that can develop some important foundational skills.

What Kobi Kids Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers could improve on?

Whilst we are appreciative of the task of repetition to embed skills and learning, we also understand that there needs to be a fine balance to ensure that repetition does not become a burden. To this end we believe that further enhancements could mean varying the patterns, introducing a hierarchy to make more complex puzzles.

We also believe that the excellent opportunity to develop counting skills could also be extended and a simple change to increase the size of the number font could go a long way in making the learning a little more explicit. Sometimes developers almost like to disguise the learning so that children are learning by implication this does not always have to be the case.

How much does the Kobi Kids Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers app cost?

To purchase the full application will cost £3.98

What is included in the free version vs. paid?

The free version has two of the four scenarios.

Is the Kobi Kids Puzzles for Kids & Toddlers app safe to use?

The application is entirely safe and does not monitor or track each user.

Overall rating of the app

We would suggest that the app is a bit thin on educational skills and repetitive in format, however with a few enhancements as suggested it may find a foothold in the fiercely competitive market.

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