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Developer Description

Soon a funny and clever cat will change the life forever of a very lucky boy.

When this cat is given a new home he requests just a couple of simple things, one of which is a pair of leather boots. Of course, these boots give Puss a brave, new and adventurous image. He suddenly is filled with clever new ideas and conviction that ends up changing the life of his master, a poor young boy.

Puss in Boots is a classic tale that was originally written by Charles Perrault nearly 300 years ago, and now is brought to you with a new interactive touch, easy to read texts on each page as well as interactive elements that make reading more intuitive and fun. 

This book is full of fun, surprises, and adventure that you will want to read and discover again and again. 

-Written and designed for children ages 4-6
- Include the options "read to me" and "read by myself".
-Text Narration
-Original Music Score
-Colorful and child friendly graphics
-Tons of playful interactive zones on each page
-Interactive fun guaranteed!
-Page turning usability
-Gameplay fun by touching the screen and bringing characters to life!!
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