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Puffin Rock Music!

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Puffin Rock Music! is a music-making game for toddlers and preschoolers featuring characters from the tv show Puffin Rock. 

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  • Puffin Rock Music!Puffin Rock Music!Puffin Rock Music!Puffin Rock Music!Puffin Rock Music!


Join Oona, Baba and friends and make your own Puffin Rock Music!

In this beautiful app you can explore and remix the music of Puffin Rock through creative play, and share your masterpieces too.

Experience the gorgeous music from the show, played by the Ulster Orchestra, and beautiful Puffin Rock animation. Through subtle movements, children can arrange their own Puffin Rock themes. Move a character onto a platform and hear their special music play, or tap a mushroom to bring in some percussion.

Oona, Baba, Mossy, May and Otto are the band of players in your very own Puffin Rock ensemble, and they sing along too!


  • Five fun and vibrant characters, each with their own special theme
  • Watch them dance when their music starts!
  • Record and share Puffin Rock Music
  • Arrange the songs as you wish
  • Two gorgeous locations from the show
  • Beautiful animation and design
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