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About Writing Prompts

The Prompts app provides helpful questions that offer inspiration. Prompts works well because it provides generic sentences. If one doesn't work, users have a slew of 999 other prompts to choose from, including tidbits of advice such as "focus only on one detail" and "disprove the facts." The app lets you share your work to social networks or send it via email and back it up to Dropbox. Another handy feature is its ability to track your word count and writing speed. The app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Writing Prompts Review

Writing Prompts from Writing.com is a full-featured app that gives you the pieces to put together. Choose from categories such as scenes, sketches, texts, and words. Then, use the prompts provided to inspire an idea, story, or character. For example, a scene may include a place, character, object, and mood. You then use those pieces to put together your story.

You can save your favorites, refresh the category prompts with a tap, keep items in your notes, and access your device camera to capture a shot. If you want more prompt packs, you can download them via in-app purchases.

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