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About Promova

Promova is a language-learning app. It supports learning various languages to varying degrees, with English being the best supported, with lots of content, options and even the facility to add live tutoring to the package. Other languages include French, Spanish, Arabic and more.

You can download and use a limited version of Promova for free on iOS and Android. You can also access the service through a web app. A subscription unlocks the full app. As Promova has an active user community to support language learners and provides contact between these members, the app is not for young learners but can provide older learners with valuable real-world practice.

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Promova Review

What is Promova?

Promova is a language-learning app that covers the world's most spoken languages. Different activities in Promova support users in developing their speaking, listening and reading skills with flashcard-style vocabulary guides. Quizzes and game-like word puzzles provide further practice.

While the main content and features of Promova are suitable for learning many popular languages, the app becomes even more feature rich if your target language is English.

Those learning English as a second language can access live tutors for one-to-one sessions and take group lessons with fellow learners. They also have exercises based on classic English novels, including inline explanations of idioms and words.

Key Features

  • Choose the focus for your learning, such as business, travel, general English, or phrases from popular TV series
  • Synchronisation between iOS and web app platforms
  • Live tutors for one-to-one sessions and group lessons with fellow learners


  • Consistent graphical style to help learners link images to words and phrases


  • Promova's ability to choose the language of support is a unique feature that most other language learning apps lack. However, the number of language options varies depending on the target language. For example, English learners have many choices, but French learners only have English and Spanish as supporting languages.

In this review, we will focus primarily on its use by English language learners. We advise learners of other languages to use the free trial effectively to ensure the app meets your needs.

What skills does it teach?

Promova is a language-learning app. It covers many languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Arabic, and Hindi. Some of the extra capabilities of the app, such as one-to-one live tutoring, cater only for English-language learners.

It covers English learning from A0 English Beginner to C2 English Proficient. The other languages have beginner through to advanced topics.

What age is it appropriate for?

Promova's design and subject make it suitable for a general audience but not for kids. The app includes direct messaging between community members, making it unsuitable for young kids.

Is Promova app easy to use?

Promova has a smooth onboarding process leading you through the options available for your target language, native language, learning goals, and current proficiency.

How will students benefit?

There is a huge amount of content supporting learners of each language. It is all categorised into logical sections, making it easy for students to choose what they want to study. This could follow their school's curriculum, reflect their interest, or meet a current need.

Students of English will find Promova especially useful if they choose to use the live tutor and group class options. This extra support is easy and convenient to access wherever learners study.

The community section will help form mutually beneficial links between learners with similar goals. During this review of Promova, most recent messages related to English learning, but learners of other languages have the same options, and their representation will hopefully grow.

How will parents benefit?

Language learning is a difficult subject for parents to support if it is not a language they know. It is not especially easy even if they do, as young people will be more motivated to practise when they can combine it with topics relevant to their age group.

If students' target language is English, Promova will help connect learners with classes and tutors to provide real-world conversational practice. The community also has the potential to help learners of all languages, although this is more dependent on the make-up of the Promova-using community.

How will teachers benefit?

Promova feels more relevant to independent language learners or those who want an additional study avenue to their class-based learning. Teachers who have tested the app and found its content relevant to the language they teach can recommend it to students for additional practice.

How much does Promova app cost?

The app's subscription provides access to all of the in-app content and community features, but English language learners who want to use the one-to-one tutoring option or group lessons must pay extra. We think this is fair to support the service.

You can buy these lessons singly or in bulk for better value.

Is Promova app safe to use?

Promova asks for permission to track your activity across apps and websites.

The app has a community section allowing direct and public messaging between the community members. The existing content shows members using it to ask questions and practise their language skills, making it a valuable resource for older students and adults but unsuitable for children.

What can Promova app improve on?

Your options and learning experiences will vary significantly based on your native language, target language, and learning goals. It is a considerable undertaking to populate an app like this with content, so, understandably, Promova has focused on the most popular options first. It does make it complicated for potential buyers, though.

The gulf between what learners of English and those studying other languages gain from this app is especially large. The headline features of live tutors and group classes have the caveat of English only beneath their titles, so while there is no attempt to deceive, they still make the app's service appear more capable than it is for other languages.

We highly recommend you examine the app carefully with a trial to see how its options reflect your needs.

Overall rating of the app.

Promova's app feels like a well-made supporting app for the Promova language learning platform. Its exercise and activities are not as varied as they are on some other apps. The link with the live tutors and group sessions is excellent, but only for English-language learners.

It is difficult to give Promova a clear rating because your experience will depend on your target language, native language and whether you want the community and communication services. We've awarded Promova four stars and recommend you try it. For you, it might be ideal.

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You can download Promova on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Promova app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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