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Proloquo2Go is an Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) application that can provide a voice for those with expressive and receptive language difficulties. From basic wants and needs to more complex sentences, Proloquo2go as a viable communication tool for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, apraxia, aphasia, or traumatic brain injury. 

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Probably the most complete Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) device out there, Proloquo2go can be used to support basic language communication such as wants and needs right through to the development of full sentences. Buttons represent words which when tapped provide vocal output, for children who can type, a text-to-speech feature is also available. Realistic accents are available for both children and adults in American, English, Australian and Scottish. 
Three vocabulary levels are available; basic communication, intermediate core and advanced core, which are customisable to meet different levels of communication needs. Each screen is presented in a grid layout (3x3 up to 8x8) and further folders can be created within these grids. The app uses the SymbolStix system which is widely used and these symbols can be also replaced if needed with images that are more familiar for the user. Core word location throughout the application is consistent and easy to use for those with motor planning difficulties. When the user becomes more proficient, minimal customisation is needed to expand vocabulary. 
In the most recent update, social media links are now available enabling the user to post a status directly to Facebook or create a tweet. Email and messaging are also possible. Sending the message 'Hi Mum, how are you today?' direct from the classroom to an unsuspecting parent, was truly a special moment for both a parent and child in our school. All grids and information that have been created for users can be saved to PC or MAC, these profiles can be uploaded again quite easily. Instructional videos on how to create grids and customise the app are available on the developers website and 24/7 support is also there if you need it. 
Using proloquo2go has not yet completely reduced the need for expert advice, but it has brought AAC into the mainstream and more accessible for users and their families. The latest research reveals that  the biggest factor in choice of AAC system should be the users preference rather than any particular advantage that one system has over another. Traditional Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) were certainly more cumbersome in nature and often required advanced technical know how to ensure optimum performance. The release of the iPad with associated apps such as Proloquo2go has changed the field in this respect, the reliability of new mobile technologies has taken away the stresses and strains associated with older SGDs. In addition, one of the key contributing factors in AAC device abandonment is the lack of after support for users and their families once a particular hi-tech AAC system has been chosen. AssistiveWare are ahead of the game in this respect, comprehensive support is available through their website along with research-based evidence to support families on their AAC journey. There is also a growing AAC community now present on many social media platforms that allow families access to support if needed. 
Proloquo2go is the most expensive AAC application on the market but when used to its full potential, it provides excellent value for money. 

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Developer Description

Proloquo2Go® is a full-featured augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution for people who have difficulty speaking. Proloquo2Go provides natural sounding Text to Speech voices (CURRENTLY ENGLISH ONLY), a high resolution library of over 14,000 symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, two researched-based vocabulary organizations, advanced word prediction, multiuser support, and the ability to fully customize vocabularies for users along a broad continuum of abilities, from beginning symbolic communication to full literacy.

** Proloquo2Go is the only app providing genuine American (Josh & Ella) and British (Harry & Rosie) children's voices. **

Having a vocabulary organization that is matched to the user’s communication skill level and promotes language development is crucial to successful AAC use. Creating a vocabulary organization from scratch can be extremely time consuming, and requires help from someone with knowledge of AAC vocabulary design. Proloquo2Go comes with two pre-programmed vocabulary organizations to choose from, Core Word and Basic Communication. These vocabularies are based on language development research, and have been carefully designed and reviewed by Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) with extensive AAC experience. Both vocabularies are easily customizable to suit the personal needs and preferences of individual users.

Core Word allows for efficient access to the most frequently used words in English, along with a rich array of fringe vocabulary to allow for precise expression and vocabulary growth. Fringe vocabulary is organized using VocaPriority™, so frequently used words can be reached quickly, while less frequently used words remain accessible but don’t get in the way of finding the words you need most often. Core Word comes in six configurations from 9 to 64 buttons per page, and provides a balanced and flexible single-word vocabulary for saying whatever you want to say.

Basic Communication is designed for new communicators at the one and two word level, and comes in four configurations from 9 to 36 buttons per page, to promote developmental progression in communication skills.

Proloquo2Go is for anyone who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a dedicated AAC device and yet wants a solution that is just as good if not better. SLPs, teachers, and parents recommend it for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, stroke, or traumatic brain injury.

“A significant amount of time, care, and attention to the research accompanies the changes to Proloquo2Go. Creation of user page sets at different levels of communication development makes the app much more user friendly for the unsophisticated user/support person, as well as for more experienced AAC professionals. The ability to move seamlessly between grid sizes and levels of language complexity, improved ability to change individual button appearance and behavior, and improved button arrangement are all great answers to users’ requests. Users can open this app and begin to use it for effective communication immediately.” Susan Berkowitz, MS-SLP, AAC consultant

Proloquo2Go can be used on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (without requiring the user to purchase it twice.) Proloquo2Go can be used to communicate without requiring a WiFi or 3G connection.

-- Educational institutions can get a 50% discount on Proloquo2Go if they purchase 20 or more licenses through Apple’s Volume Licensing Program for Education. --

INCLUDED VOICES: The current version includes North American English male, female, girl and boy voices. More American, British, Australian and Indian English voices can be download at no costs through WiFi by Proloquo2Go. Listen to the voices here Support for other languages and voices is expected later in 2012.


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