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The trusted WAGmobile app company brings you, Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning  for "Programming For Kids". The bite sized app helps you to understand the basics of "Programming For Kids".

Once a basic profile has been created the app identifies the following goals.
Goal 1: Identify gender,
Goal 2: Learn about a Programmer,
Goal 3: Learn about Processor,
Goal 4: Learn about Binary Numbers,
Goal 5: Learn about Algorithm,
Goal 6: Learn about Computing Devices,
Goal 7: Learn about Kinds of Computer Device.

This is is great for revising Computer Studies at the end of the Key Stage 2 unit or to be used in the classroom as a starter and introduction into this subject.

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From the Developer

Enable your kid to become a little Programmer via this simple and kid friendly app from WAGmob.
Kids can learn about becoming a Programmer via 7 goals. Each goal provides explanation and an activity.

Goal 1: Identify gender
Goal 2: Learn about a Programmer
Goal 3: Learn about Processor
Goal 4: Learn about Binary Numbers
Goal 5: Learn about Algorithm
Goal 6: Learn about Computing Devices
Goal 7: Learn about Kinds of Computing Devices

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