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Learn all the fundamental financing concepts needed to effectively qualify clients for various financial services today! Download The Professional Financial Consultant now to begin discovering the best techniques to qualify and couple clients with financial products right now!

The Professional Financial Consultant is not an educational gimmick. This is a rigorous and in-depth collegiate level course geared towards professionals currently active within the financial services industry. Following a comprehensive educational framework, students will be trained to develop the techniques and industry knowledge required to effectively approve and package a variety of loans and other financing services. Specific topics and concepts such as client qualifying instruments, effective loan packaging, and proper financing service options delineation techniques, among many others, are covered. Since this mobile course is geared towards novices within the financial industry, all concepts and techniques are taught within clearly applied contexts. General knowledge information about the financial services industry such as basic loan principles, and industry terminology resources is offered within this course as well

The Professional Financial Consultant is a complete learning solution, utilizing a full professional-level textbook – logically divided into seven expansive chapters – as well as multiple interactive mLearning features. These study aides include interactive flashcards as well as knowledge exams that test users’ newly acquired management knowledge, explaining both right and wrong answers after each test is administered. All included materials are designed to focus users’ learning efforts as effectively and constructively as possible, while affording students the flexibility of learning on their own unique schedules. With this breadth of features, coupled with an abundance of professional-level educational content, The Professional Financial Consultant gives any aspiring financial professional the tools they need to succeed within the financing services industry

Included Chapters:

• The Professional Loan Broker
• Commercial Finance
• Real Estate Loans
• Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Financing
• Real Estate Financing and Investment
• Glossary
• Appendix

Course Features:

• Complete course texts
• Interactive flashcards for subject review
• Comprehensive chapter-level tests
• Explanations of right and wrong answers

Application does not require internet connection to operate

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