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About Prof Bunsen Teaches Math 3

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 gives kids math practice at a level appropriate for eight or nine-year-old kids. It does this through artificial-intelligence supported gamified math activities.

At the time of this review of Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3, the app is available on Windows and Mac computers, with iOS and Android promised soon. The app is a single purchase without in-app purchase or subscription options.

Prof Bunsen Teaches Math 3 Review

What is Professor Bunsen Teaches Math: 3 app?

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 leads children through 36 weeks' worth of math practice designed to support their classroom-based learning. As kids play the gamified activities, the app adjusts the challenge and content to develop kids' skills and ensure they are always working at a level that will help them progress. 

The '3' indicates that the contents of this particular app address the USA's 3rd grade. Other apps in the series, following the same format and approach, cover kindergarten through 8th grade. 

What we love about Professor Bunsen Teaches Math: 3.

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math is bold, bright and beautiful to look at without being garish or confusing. Despite this child-friendly look, it does not feel 'childish'.   

The app will inspire most kids to have a go at its learning content, providing them with excellent practice. Its visual reward system gives kids a clear way to see how they have developed over the year and will encourage them to keep going. 

The app is simple to use because the AI takes care of the user's progression. As kids improve, they will find the AI introduces new aspects of math. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 is for 3rd-grade students. This grade equates to ages 8 and 9 and is equivalent to England's year 3.   

What skills does it improve?

Different curricula teach different topics at different times. Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 addresses skills typically taught in 3rd grade in the US, including place value, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Not all grade 3 topics are evident from the beginning as the app's AI introduces them as kids progress. 

Is Professor Bunsen Teaches Math: 3 easy to use?

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math is easy for parents to set up. They don't need to do much other than install the software and add a child's name to create a profile. 

Kids will easily find each activity and the reward sections. The activities are represented by icons that visually reflect them. 

How will students benefit?

The app's presentation definitely supports the app developer's intention to gamify math learning. Its graphics and sound are first-rate. While no learning game is ever likely to match the attraction of a purely entertainment-based title, Professor Bunsen Teaches Math's activities are more fun than other approaches. 

Kids who are still developing their literacy abilities can access the activities in Professor Bunsen Teaches Math. The games and content are self-explanatory or use speech to emphasise or explain. 

Kids see markers of their progress in the form of trophies and stickers awarded by the app. 

How will teachers benefit?

Schools can purchase a site licence for Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 directly from the app's website, letting them track multiple children's progress. The app would make a great supplement to teachers' lessons and provide their students with fun, self-marking practice. 

The abacus section is also a valuable visual aid for teachers who are explaining place value to their class. 

How will parents benefit?

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math is especially good value for parents who have more than one child of an appropriate age to use the app. Extra children's profiles (up to six) are easy to create in the app so that their progress is recorded. 

Some of the tools, such as the app's abacus, include brief guides to help parents understand how to use them to support their kids. 

What can Professor Bunsen Teaches Math: 3 improve on?

The in-app help page for Professor Bunsen Teaches Math is a single scrollable page of text. This provides guides for students and parents. The parental section covers administering the app and educational help. 

Ideally, these sections would be split apart or use links to jump to the desired section as it feels a bit too much of a wall of text at the moment, and users may not realise that the information they need is right at the end of the scrolling text. When users access specific help from the app's activities, it does jump to the appropriate part of the text. 

There may be some confusion for kids who use this app outside of its native country. For example, the app uses 'fourths' where countries using UK English would say 'quarters' and 'reduce' in place of 'simplify' when converting 2/4 to 1/2. 

Finally, the app has a useful website, but it could be a little more detailed. Parents and teachers want to know the exact coverage of apps. Mapping the content of Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 against a curriculum or detailing every topic it addresses would be helpful information for potential customers. 

How much does Professor Bunsen Teaches Math: 3 cost?

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math is available as a single download. The app does not use subscriptions or in-app purchases to expand its content or functionality. While this might make the initial purchase feel higher than it might be with other math learning programmes, it makes the total cost a known value from the outset.  If you prefer to spread the cost, as you would with a subscription, there is the option to pay for Professor Bunsen Teaches Math in four equal installments over the course of a year.  This gives you the best of both worlds.

When comparing this app against subscription apps, judge it against the price of 36 weeks' subscription to the other app. Also, younger siblings may use this app without further purchases when they reach 3rd grade, so be sure to factor this in if it applies. 

Is Professor Bunsen Teaches Math: 3 safe to use?

Data protection is always a balancing act between functionality and security. Professor Bunsen Teaches Math does not store any user data in the cloud; instead, it holds it on the user's device. This does mean that children must use the same device each time they use the app, but it ensures that children's data remains under parental control. 

Considering the type of app and how kids will typically use it, Professor Bunsen Teaches Math's approach feels the right one. There is little extra functionality to be gained by trading off data security.   

This approach might become a problem if kids need to begin using the app on another device. At the moment, there is no way to do this. An export file could be a useful way of allowing this functionality without compromising the app's security. 

Overall rating of the app.

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 is a superb app. Its security-conscious design and straightforward purchase options are refreshing in a world where data harvesting is prevalent, and subscriptions are in fashion. 

Educationally, kids will get excellent practice using this app and feel happy due to its gamified approach and beautiful visuals. Its multi-platform availability should make it easy for families to fit it into their kids' learning routine. Professor Bunsen Teaches Math 3 is a five-star app.

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