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Prodigy Math Review

Prodigy Math is an adaptive math practice game for kids to learn and improve their arithmetic and problem-solving skills through game rewards and quests. Prodigy Math Game is a curriculum-aligned, fantasy-based math game used by millions of teachers, parents and students worldwide. It offers content from all major math topics and covers 1,300+ skills from 1st to 8th grade and DoK levels one to three.

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Gameplay Gamified
Games Games
Common Core Standards Common Core Standards
English National Curriculum English National Curriculum

Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Maths

Great for - Critical Thinking
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Prodigy Math Features

  • Prodigy Math uses adaptive learning to customize the difficulty of the math problems to each student's level
  • Incorporates math problems into gameplay, making learning math fun and engaging for students
  • Multiple curricular alignments
  • Coverage of a wide range of math topics, from basic arithmetic to algebra and geometry.
  • Reporting tools for teachers and parents


With a membership, parents can monitor their child's learning progress and enhance their learning experience with detailed reports, goal-setting features, and parent tools. The monthly cost of membership ranges from $9.95 to $14.95, depending on the plan and duration you select.

Is it good for learning?

This game-based learning app is a fun way for kids to practice essential math skills, depending on the grade level selected at the start of the game. For example, first-graders practice comparing and ordering two-digit numbers, adding to 20, using place value through tens, and much more. Eighth graders work with linear expressions, equations, functions, irrational numbers, and more.

The game aligns with various curricula, hitting Common Core math, Texas and Florida state standards. Prodigy's in-game content also aligns with England's Year 1-6 standards. Prodigy's game-based learning supports Australia's curriculum and Ontario's curriculum.

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  • Prodigy MathProdigy MathProdigy MathProdigy MathProdigy Math


Although the gaming aspect can be quite engaging for many kids, sometimes the math gets a little lost. A lot of time can pass between skills questions, and the focus is often on earning coins, treasures, pets, and other rewards. If kids are able to wade through all of that, they can get plenty of math practice when they aren't battling monsters and completing quests.  

Benefits for Students

From a learning perspective, one of the more favourable features of the game is the automatic differentiation. Math questions are generated based on previous performance. And, when kids get something wrong, instructional feedback is provided. Prodigy Game works like a typical online RPG game incorporating command-based combat systems. Gamers can challenge each other in a Pokemon-style magic battle to see who is the better wizard in the world of Prodigy.

While there is a chat function in Prodigy Math, students are able to play offline. Additionally, users cannot share personal information because the chat function only offers predetermined, safe language sentences to be shared between users so parents do not have to fear their children are speaking to strangers onine. 

Benefits for Teachers

As a teacher, you can customize these questions to supplement class material. The game also uses adaptive learning and differentiated instruction principles to adjust content, addressing each student's trouble spots.

Prodigy Math Game also features robust and immediate reporting tools for teachers and parents. From Progress Reports to Usage Reports and more, use your student or child's data to identify where they're excelling or struggling so you can customize the content in-game for them. 

Benefits for Parents

Prodigy English and Prodigy Math are both adaptive, engaging, game-based learning platforms designed to help students love learning. 

Bottom Line

The results from their research, alongside our experience of Prodigy, suggest that its game-based approach to learning can positively impact standardized test scores and overall progress. With the right expectations and a bit of help focusing when necessary, Prodigy Math Game can blend adventure and math practice for kids.

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