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About Prodigies

Prodigies is an in-depth app that provides children to learn how to read, play and understand music both at a shallow level of playing and creating noise, and the depth of solfege, musical sign language, and developing skills across a wide range of instruments, starting with gross motor skills like bells and boomwhackers, and moving to finer motor skills such as recorder, xylophone and piano.

Prodigies Review

Prodigies allows you a wide array of features, such as playing alongside the recording, utilising sheet music, having hard copy booklets, and watching tutorials and videos. Whilst this is suitable for age 4, the main suitability is based on the ability and skills of the player intended. That said, the colour, design and choice of songs are suitable for young students. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad, Mac and Apple TV and requires iOS 9.0 or later. It also has an Android version. The app is free to download and provides you with some free tutorials and songs alongside this. However, it then a subscription-based service for monthly or yearly service. There are no other adverts on top of this. It develops skills in performance, building repertoire, and allows solo instruments to play alongside an accompaniment that can easily be personalised to their skill set.

What we love about Prodigies App

What I love about the Prodigies App, is the depth of support, tutorials, and hugely wide range of songs, including new songs regularly updated onto the App. It provides the opportunity of building the performer’s repertoire through difficulties of a range of pieces. Not only this, but it also allows the student to develop their skill across a range of instruments.

The focus is so enjoyable because it is really well designed, colourful and engaging. I also love that there are pdf workbooks that can be printed to play alongside, which is incredibly useful as it can be challenging to always read music from a range of sized screens. This is ideal for students and performers 4-12 years old, who are building their musical understanding of pitch, rhythm, and performance.

Is Prodigies App easy to use?

Prodigies App is very easy to use, due to the simple layout of the app. With only a small number of clickable icons, and a very clear font and just one clear browsing menu, this allows you to scroll through and click on the videos you want very easily. When you then select the song you want, it’s also very easy to just watch, pause, or send the video to someone else through the share icon.

Students benefit through an opportunity to watch tutorials and gain advice from a music teacher on screen, as well as trying out pieces on different instruments. The videos are colourful, engaging and dynamic, yet they are kept clear and simple for students to focus on the right aspect of the video to get the best performance for themselves. Teachers benefit from this greatly, as it means that some students can go and work independently at times on their own device, and still gain support from a video tutorial.

Due to the adaptation and use of Apple TV, it also means that teachers can plan lessons around the resources, and can play the videos for every-one to be able to perform together as a whole class. This is much easier to create and play from the front, so that they can then offer personalised support to students where necessary. As this app is available on the iPhone and Android phones, this also allows students to access their work at home, or develop their skills at home too.

What can Prodigies App improve on?

Prodigies App has an incredibly strong foundation and more than enough resources for students, and with the constant addition of new resources, the scope is huge. Based on the iPhone version of the app, it could improve in their collaboration opportunities. At the moment, there are little to no collaboration opportunities on the app, although you can forward a video on to others.

As a student, it would be really helpful to have a clear route or pathway through as levels, so that students can easily click on the next staged performance, skill or tutorial video and move through like a streamlined course. It is easy to miss some of the fantastic resources just through scrolling instead of following a learning journey. This could be an additional feature, so that students still have the opportunity to browse and play their favourite videos. It would also be fantastic if students could play alongside, record and it could be sent directly to the teacher with a collaboration with something like Teams or Google Classroom. I am aware there are educational subscriptions so this could be ideal.

How much does Prodigies App cost?

The app is free, and provides some free videos, and then this follows with a subscription. A monthly subscription is $14.99, and yearly is $149.99.

Is Prodigies App safe to use? What is the overall rating?

The app is very safe to use. I would rate the app as 4 stars out of 5, as it does exactly what it states, and has excellent design and wide ranging and depth of skill set.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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