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Princess Lila - Children’s Spelling & Counting Games

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About Princess Lila - Children’s Spelling & Counting Games

A number of educational games set in a beautifully illustrated princess background. 

Teacher Review

This is a fantastically designed app that immediately draws you in upon opening with its design and functionality. Even the design of the app button screams ‘play me it’s going to be great fun!’ However, this is certainly aimed at the young girl market rather than for boys. With its colour scheme, design and main character (Princess Lila) everything about it is girl orientated. Not that this is a bad thing, in fact my 4 year daughter was so enthralled by the app it was difficult to get her off it!

Upon opening the app the user is welcomed to the front page with a choice of three difficulty levels. With each move up in the difficulty, from easy to hard, the games that in the app are made harder by having more to do in each. This differentiation by amount is a good thing as more thinking is needed by the user as they move up the levels, however, the difference from easy to hard may mean that the user may just decide to not move up the levels due to the repetition of the games rather than harder content.

Also on the front page the user can access the parental menu by holding down the icon for 5 seconds. This further menu allows the user to spread the word through social media about the app, as well as review and get help from the developer. It also has further information about the developer so the parents can find out more. The link to getting help takes the user to an email address. It would be good if this was also a link to the website where a question may be answered with some FAQs instead of having to wait for an email reply.

Another further menu on the title page is the settings menu and this includes the ability to change the language from American to German or Spanish. A nice addition to these settings is the ability to exclude any of the 10 games allowing the user to personalise the game play within the app. I can see that this might be useful if you were trying to focus on one particular area, such as spelling improvement, or counting. This small addition to be able to personalise the app is a welcome one. Within this menu you also have the opportunity of resetting any of the character profiles. You can do this by selecting a profile: purple, red or blue and then hit reset to the selected player profile.

At all points there is the ability to mute the sound the app not only from the main menu or at any time during the app. Not that this is something you would want to do as the background music is both simple and effective to add to the overall game play. Once you’ve selected a difficulty level and managed your settings the app allows you to choose from 3 profiles which includes information on where the user left off and allows them to continue. The profile lists all the elements of the games that the user has so far completed with information on how much they still have to do.

In the main part of the app the user is told a short story of Princess Lila and how she came to wake up to find that someone has been playing games and hidden all her friends in a number of Easter eggs that need to be find. The illustration is fantastically designed just like a top quality picture book and it is this familiarity that gives the user a certain amount of comfort as the go through the app. After the story the main game page of the app opens and the quality of illustration continues with the princess surrounded by a small scene with houses, windmills, trees, rivers and bridges. On this page the user has the option of selecting a number of games. These are attractively arranged the screen for the user to discover. Amongst the games there are also other opportunities for the user to engage with the screen. Things such as changing the looks of the trees by interacting with them and animating other objects adds another element to the app.

There are in total 10 games that the user can choose from by clicking on different areas of the main game play page. The games are all educational based ranging from spelling, drawing, building towers, sorting, moving through mazes, matching pairs, recognising letters or feeding animals. All the games themselves are really enjoyable and challenging in their own ways however, there could be some potential improvements to make them even better. For instance, in the spelling game it would be good for the letters to be sounded out, helping young people with their phonics, instead of the letter being read out. This is also the case with the picture clue in the spelling game. It is a helpful hint but to make it even better it would be great to have the word spoken when the picture is clicked on.

The app itself is like a one stop shop for education games however because of this it doesn’t focus entirely on just one thing. So it is neither an app for improving spelling, or counting and doesn’t go into as much depth in each of the games as it might do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it allows the user to move between games discovering at their pace.

Overall it is an extremely well presented app with lots of engaging little features that will not only educate but also keep the user engaged as they move their way through each of the games. 

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  • Princess Lila - Children’s Spelling & Counting GamesPrincess Lila - Children’s Spelling & Counting GamesPrincess Lila - Children’s Spelling & Counting GamesPrincess Lila - Children’s Spelling & Counting GamesPrincess Lila - Children’s Spelling & Counting Games


Princess Lila is a collection of educational games designed to help your toddler learn counting, spelling, drawing, phonics and more to prepare them for preschool and kindergarten!

In this fairy tale themed game, your children will develop early learning skills while having fun with 10 different learning games. Have your children learn their numbers by counting flying birds in the air, or let them practice spelling short words to help develop phonics. They’ll practice their drawing skills as they doodle constellations in the sky and will even develop problem-solving skills while playing fun animal games. Let them enjoy gorgeous fairy tale themed HD artwork and graphics while discovering the joy of learning.

If you are a parent, educator or both, Princess Lila is a great way to keep your children entertained while sneaking in some learning at the same time!

Princess Lila Game Features:

- Great for kids in preschool, kindergarten and toddlers age 2-6
- 10 high quality learning games that help kids practice their numbers, counting, spelling, abcs, phonics, drawing skills, shape recognition, sorting and more
- Charming fairy tale themed games keep kids engaged and learning
- Gorgeous HD artwork and graphics, complete with special effects
- Professional voice over guides and encourages your toddler throughout their fun learning experience
- Helps to develop skills for early learning while keeping kids busy and engaged
- Parent gates keep kids from exiting out of the app and making accidental in-app purchases
- Many more features to be discovered!

If you’re a parent or a teacher who is searching for a way to keep your toddlers busy while teaching them something at the same time, Princess Lila is the perfect app for your children.

Your kids will develop all the skills needed for early learning by playing this educational learning game. They’ll count numbers, learn phonics and spelling, learn to doodle and more with these 10 fun filled fairy tale games. As they play Princess Lila, your kids will not only learn the skills they need to be prepared for preschool and kindergarten, but they’ll also discover that learning can be fun! Download Princess Lila today.

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