Princess Fairy Tale Maker - by Duck Duck Moose

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Princess Fairy Tale Maker – by Duck Duck Moose is an app that lets kids color and create their own fairy tales. It is a great app to encourage kids to get creative. In Princess Fairy Tale Maker, kids can choose from 32 background scenes, almost 200 different stickers, and many colors to create stories.   In the main activity, kids choose a scene or use their own photos, then choose from a variety of characters (such as princesses and ballerinas) and stickers (such as flowers and food). They can also draw or write on the scene, choosing from various colors of pencils and crayons. 

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From the Developer

An award-winning creative app that will spark the imagination. MAKE A FAIRY TALE: create personalized fairy tales with princesses, fairies, ballerinas, animals and more. COLOR: decorate with animated sparkles and glitter; SHARE: narrate stories with the self-record feature and share with family and friends. AWARDS: Parents’ Choice Silver Award; Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award. AGES: 3-9.


MAKE A FAIRY TALE: Tell a story
- 32 animated background scenes: fairyland, castle, forest, clouds, rainbow, deep sea, tree house
and more
- 190+ animated stickers: princesses, hula girls, fairies, ballerinas, animals, flowers, food and more

- 29 crayons and 29 colored pencils

- Narrate the princesses’ adventures using the self-record feature
- Move the stickers to create your own movie
- Tap the stickers to make their mouths move

COLOR: Decorate the scenes

- 32 coloring pages 
inspired by classic fairy tales: Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and more
- Princesses doing interesting things: landing on the moon, taking care of animals and more

- Princesses from different countries

- 80+ patterns, rainbows, polka dots, hearts, clouds, butterflies, stripes, zigzags

- Animated sparkles and overlays

SHARE: Save your fairy tales to your Photos to share with family and friends

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