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Prime Radicals: Snowflakes

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Prepare yourself for a fantastic brain-teaser app that will get you hooked! Not only does it teach children about symmetry but also,  adults will enjoy playing the higher levels as the tests will  get you really competitive! This is a great app that mixes games and fun seamlessly. We have given at an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS  Recommended Status. 

Teacher Review

This app mixes learning all about symmetry and the creation of beautiful snowflakes that you can colour, save and share. Even the adults at the Educational App Store were trying to outdo each other on creating he most beautiful snowflake! As they say in the app, this is truly “mathamagical”! 

In the first section of the app, users learn and test themselves on vertical symmetry, horizontal symmetry, the introduction of diagonal lines of symmetry and rotational symmetry. All of the concepts are explained in a step-by-step basis and after each new concept is introduced, you are asked to create your own snowflake and identify the correct symmetry  when it is unfolded.

The second section is the” Workshop”. In this section you can experiment with different shapes, lines of symmetry and then get really creative with colours, types of cutting etc... etc. This type of experimentation is great because it familiarises kids with the different shapes and symmetry outcomes.

The third section is the “Gallery” where you can save your work and share it with friends and family.

The fourth and final  section is “Challenges”. This one we loved and we really got hooked on! The idea is that you work through different challenges or “snowflake problems”. As the challenges progress , they get harder and harder. The idea is to create the same snowflake that you have been presented with. You must choose the right shape first and then consider how to mimic the snowflake the you have been presented with. This section is a mental workout! It tests spatial awareness, visual memory and spatial reasoning.

The great thing about this app is that it builds on concepts very slowly. There is plenty of time to practice what you have learnt, you are offered feedback on your understanding(you are only told whether you are right or wrong) and then there is a whole other creative aspect of decorating snowflakes which will keep users engaged for hours on end!

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  • Prime Radicals: SnowflakesPrime Radicals: SnowflakesPrime Radicals: SnowflakesPrime Radicals: SnowflakesPrime Radicals: Snowflakes


Make a beautiful paper snowflake with the help of The Prime Radicals team, a few tools and your fabulous imagination!

Prime Radicals: Snowflakes is a digital update of the classic craft of creating snowflakes, from folded pieces of paper. Create and decorate beautiful snowflakes to show off to your family and friends!

From the Workshop, you can choose from shapes folded in several different ways, then use tools like scissors, or a hole-punch to create your fantastic flake. You can also start again with the touch of a button! Once you’re happy with your snowflake, decorate it with tools ranging from crayons to stamps. Your cool creations will be displayed in the Gallery, where they can be kept forever!

Since this is a Prime Radicals game, you will also learn all about folding, mathemagical patterns, reflections, and best of all, symmetry! Once you’re a symmetry super-star, you can check out the Challenge mode, where you can test your wits in a symmetry smorgasbord! 

Symmetry and snowflakes go hand-in-hand. With Prime Radicals: Snowflakes, you can use your amazing creativity, crafts skills, and your symmetry knowledge, to create the greatest snowflakes ever made!

•Prime Radicals style mixes fun with education!
•Create and decorate your own paper snowflakes.
•Digital tools allow players to make snowflakes that are out of this world!
•An Educational Tutorial section uses shapes to demonstrate symmetry and reflection.
•Supports and expands real-life arts and crafts.
•If you have the appropriate device and a printer, you can even print out your flakes, for real-world decoration; and your snowflakes can be shared digitally with family and friends.

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