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Prime Radicals: Pentominoes

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 12+

About Prime Radicals: Pentominoes

This is another fantastic app from from the Canadian team at GAPC Entertainment. The game is based on the classic geometry game of Pentominoes . This is a great app that mixes games and fun seamlessly. We have given at an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status.

Teacher Review

The app contains a series of puzzle games with lots of twists and turns. Each pentominoe is made up from 12 pieces. Each piece is a shape that is a combination of 5 small squares. All the pieces are placed together so that they slot into each other and create a rectangle without any gaps or overlaps. Each shape can only be used once.

The puzzles form part of the Geometry curriculum and develop spatial reasoning skills. During the first game you are asked to build a “Pento Tower”. Every three floors you go up a level. Once complete, you can look at your handiwork/building blocks in aerial view, in 3D or you can rotate the figure to see the results of your blocks. This is a nice touch and provides satisfaction to completing the game.

During the game you are always provided with the exact number of figures that you need to fit in however, sometimes you may find that you need to rotate them or flip them. It is very easy to do this and there is readily-available help on the screen on how to manipulate the figures and make them fit into the spaces provided. The red light by the rectangle signals that the placing of the figure is incorrect and the green figure signals that it is correct. This is a nice touch as it the lights act as cues while you are creating your building block.

 “Pento Puzzle” is a little bit harder than “Pento Tower” but builds on the same concept of fitting the pentominoes into the shapes without any gaps or overlaps. In this case, satisfaction is derived from completing the picture. Hints are provided if you are having difficulty fitting-in the correct shapes.

“Pento Battle” is the section where things really get competitive! You can challenge a friend to play with you on the same app to solve equal puzzles. The first one to get the puzzle correct- wins! You can either run a competition based on a single battle or you can do a best-of 3,5 or 7. Our groups got very competitive and we could hardly pry the iPad away from our reviewers’ fingers.

Overall, we really love this app. It involves learning and practicing geometry in a very simple, fun and engaging way. It develops spatial reasoning skills however; kids will never know that they are, in fact, learning!

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  • Prime Radicals: PentominoesPrime Radicals: PentominoesPrime Radicals: PentominoesPrime Radicals: PentominoesPrime Radicals: Pentominoes


A classic geometry puzzle updated by the Prime Radicals team! Build an awesome PentoTower out of your solutions, and reach the pinnacle of brainy achievement.

Pentomino puzzles have been around for over a century: made from 12 pieces, each piece is a different combination of 5 squares. All the pieces are put together to make a rectangle, but you can’t have any gaps or overlaps. This challenging brain-teaser has over 2000 possible solutions! The Prime Radicals team starts you off with easier versions of the puzzle-- almost complete rectangles with only a few pieces missing. Each completed puzzle adds a floor to your PentoTower. As you progress, you’ll get fewer hints. The challenge is coming up with different solutions to every level! The sky’s the limit on your Pentomino skyscraper! 

In addition to PentoTower, the Pentominoes game has other challenges to test your geometry skills. PentoPuzzle gives you jigsaw-puzzle-style shapes to complete, using Pentomino pieces. These puzzles range in difficulty from those that require only 3 pieces to solve, to those that require all 12 Pentomino pieces, a radical challenge!

Prime Radicals: Pentominoes is the most fun geometry puzzle you’ll ever play. This game can provide endless hours of entertainment and fun, as you build your PentoTower higher and higher! Test your skills today!

Exclusive on tablets
Are you a fast thinker? Want to prove it? Then challenge your friend to a round of PentoBattle! Each player starts with the same Pentomino puzzle, with the same pre-placed pieces. The goal is to see who can complete their puzzle first! Players can choose to take each other on in one round, or to the best of 3, 5 or even 7! 

•Prime Radicals style mixes fun with education!
•Classic geometry puzzle presented in the Prime Radicals style.
•2339 different possible solutions to the Pentomino puzzle.
•Difficulty progresses from simple to challenging.
•Build your PentoTower higher than any of your friends!
•PentoPuzzles provide a different form of challenge; players can choose which puzzle to take on.
On tablets: Challenge you friends to head-to-head puzzle combat in PentoBattle!

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