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A cute app to engage preschoolers in a variety of topics and essential skills

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Preschool Lion is a little collection of mini-activities that aims to engage preschoolers in learning a variety of skills that they will need later on in school. It provides a very simple format whereby young learners can concentrate on one simple task at a time and if necessary get a little helping hand from the ever-present lion. It is worth mentioning that unlike many other games of this type, the game is completely focussed on the learning experience, and contains no ads or in-app purchases that seem to so often be included in games aimed at this age group.

The activities in the Preschool Lion app seem to appear in a random order, which allows children to build up familiarity of the tasks without losing interest too quickly. There is a good variety of tasks to encounter within this app, including spelling, counting, shapes and ordering. These all link in nicely to early learning objectives and seem well thought-out from this point of view. The activities are all supported by bright and clear graphics as well as a voiceover explaining all the tasks. This includes the voice of a young child, which may add to the appeal for young users, but can quickly become irritating for others in the same room! When the user struggles to come up with the right answer straight away, a visual thought bubble appears above the lion to give a clue that will help. From time to time, the user is given a “toy box” activity instead of one of the core tasks, which gives them the chance to play with blocks for a short period between the other activities.

Overall, this app is very simple to use even for a very young learner, and the score tally means that the endless gameplay still has some sense of progression, albeit with no distinction in the difficulty levels of the mini-activities that appear. The app is well designed for its target audience and allows practice of these few key skills in a relatively engaging way. It is entertaining enough that children of preschool age may well choose to come back and use it again on future occasions, consolidating what has been learnt. 

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Developer Description

Preschool Lion is a collection of educational mini-games for pre-school kids aged 2 to 5.

Many of the games focus on topics they will need for thier first year of school like shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, top, bottom, left, right, bigger, smaller, counting and upside-down.

There is also a game that will teach your kids about letters and how how they are used in words and a cool toy box mode that uses real physics as a reward for completing the educational games.

- Beautiful hand drawn flash cards throughout the games
- Animated lion to help with the puzzles
- Voice overs for all of the in game text
- A simple easy to use interface designed with kids in mind.
- Endless game-play

The flashcards cover every letter of the alphabet including the following words:
Apple, Balloons, Cake, Dog, Egg, Flower, Glass, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, Juice, King, Lion, Moon, Nuts, Orange, Pig, Queen, Rainbow, Star, Teapot, Umbrella, Vegetables, Watermelon, Xylophone, Yo Yo, Zip.

Counting from 1 to 20.
Shapes include Circle, Diamond, Heart, Rectangle, Square, Star and Triangle.

Created by brother and sister indie dev team Dylan & Lucy Wilson.

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