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Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo Complete

About Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo Complete

This is a highly comprehensive app that teaches basic counting, quantity and pattern concepts. We were very impressed at the quality of the app and it has received an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status.

Teacher Review

This is a very simple app that teaches young children (Early Years and 3-6 years of age), the concepts of quantity (identifying the largest groups of animals within the app), counting, addition and identification of patterns.

A lot of the app is basic logic development and introduces very simply the concept of numbers. Some of the exercises are very easy versions of IQ and logic tests but they have been created specifically for young children.

One of the games works with the concepts of “More and Less”. The user is asked to identify the groups of animals that have more animals. So, you must choose between the cows, the hens, the wolf dogs or the goats.

Another game looks at adding numbers with the help of the animals. So, if you cannot add the numbers using mental arithmetic, you can count the number of animals on the barn.

The more questions that you complete, the harder that the questions get. This adds value to the app as it means that the child is constantly challenged.

One of the most interesting things that we found within the app was the 3D “surround-image” graphics. You can swipe the tablet and look around the landscape. Moreover, not only do the animals run to catch you up but, you can tap the surrounding features (the bridge, the stream, the tree, the rocks, the barn, the silo etc...), you get a narrated explanation of the object. As an interactive feature this is fantastic as it is wonderfully engaging. We did, however, find that when you are asked questions to answer in the game, if you tap on the interactive feature, the two voice-overs over-lap each other.

The app is great for the little ones and with a little help; they will quickly grasp these simple concepts so that they can begin to build the rest of the number concepts. Enjoy!

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  • Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo CompletePreschool Genius Math Booster Zoo CompletePreschool Genius Math Booster Zoo CompletePreschool Genius Math Booster Zoo CompletePreschool Genius Math Booster Zoo Complete


12 richly rendered games. Play with your zoo animal friends while learning basic math skills. More than just great graphics the interesting gameplay engages kids to have fun while learning about numbers.

* "Complete" means all twelve games, NO ads and NO in-app purchases.

"This is definitely a must-have app!" 

"A must-have preschool math app- it  covers a wide range of topics, uses auditory and visual supports, has high quality 3-D animated graphics, is engaging and FUN!" 

"I absolutely love the activities included in this app" 

“Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo is a fantastic math primer for your kids! A Perfect Tool for Preschool as well as Kindergarten Teachers to have on hand! The 3D graphics are truly an enticement to keep coming back for more.” 

“If you have a preschooler, this is a great app offering playful learning activities to the kids, especially if the child likes animals.”

“a great early learning app for young kids!” 

"What makes the app a joy to play is the little details." 

* NO in-app advertisements.
* NO in-app Purchases.
* MOMs with apps Member

- A variety of animals and environments to play in.
- Fun music & sound effects throughout the games.
- Added fun interacting with the natural objects in the environment.
- Positive encouragement after correct answers & completed puzzles.
- Easy & intuitive interface that doesn’t require instruction.
- Random game play keeps your child engaged.

1. Counting: Click on the farm animals to learn counting one to ten.

2. Who is Missing: These farm animals are lined up in a pattern, but one is missing. Choose the correct animal to watch them run out to complete the pattern.

3. Which Group is Bigger: There are two groups of animals eating grass in the field, which group has more animals?

4. Who Am I: All the farm animals are roaming in the grass, can you pick one by name?

5. Addition: Two sets of our forest animal friends have come out to play. Can you add the two groups together to find the answer.

6. Subtraction: Two sets of animals are in the forest. One set leaves how many are left?

7. Missing Number: These numbers are lined up smallest to largest, but one number is missing. Click on the button with the answer.

8. Animal Match: So many different animals are in the forest, can you match them up two by two?

9. Hide And Seek: Here is something new, our animal friends have gone to hide behind curtains. Can you remember which curtains have animals hidden behind them.

10. Shape Ninja: We have climbed to this mountain peak to hone your shape identifying skills. Swipe the correct shape as they are tossed in the air.

11. What Shape Am I: The shop vendor has several shapes to choose from, can you pick the correct one by name?

12. Balance the Seesaw: Tap the animals to make them jump on or off the seesaw. Can you make it balanced?

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