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** New Features in 1.2
- Added New cities in the DB
- Corrected some of the cities parameters info
- Speed improvements
- More supported devices
Prayer Times features the following functionality:
- Huge Database for 35000+ cities from around the world which makes this a completely OFFLINE APP unlike other apps where data connectivity is required - A BIG PLUS
- Very Attractive UI
- Shows the prayer schedule for current day 
- Playing beautiful FULL Athan when prayer time is due
- Shows current time and highlighted next prayer name & time. 
- Snow flakes animation on the prayer screen
- Support Portrait & Landscape Mode
- Search location by COUNTRY
- Date display in Hijri 
- Support for 5 different Prayer Calculation Methods
- Asr calculation Method
- Control for Azaan Volume
- Turn of Azaan ON | OFF
- Displays time in 12H | 24H notation
- Application automatically gets started on Phone restart
- Application silently runs in the background and comes automatically to the foreground when Azaan time
** IMPORTANT INFO FOR USERS upgrading from version 1.0.1 of PrayerTimes ** 
The New Database contains many fixes such as new added cities, correct parameter, therefore the OLD DB needs to be deleted by following steps before upgrading to the new version.
1) Uninstall existing version of PrayerTimes from BlackBerry by pressing on Menu and select delete
2) Restart the device if prompted to otherwise unplug the battery to restart the device manually.
3) Go to "Media" application folder and select “Explore” by pressing on the Menu Key
4) This opens up the BlackBerry File manager, Choose “Show Hidden” in the Menu
5) Navigate to  /Device/BlackBerry/system/appdata/rim folder
6) Navigate to  /Memory Card/BlackBerry/system/appdata/rim folder (ONLY APPLICABLE IF MEMORY CARD IS AVAILABLE)
7) Delete the "webstorage" folder from both the locations mentioned in point 5 & 6
8) Re-Install the PrayerTimes application from AppWorld
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  • Update: 08 Aug 2012
  • Version: 1.2
  • Platform: BlackBerry
  • Publisher: nextGen
  • Category: Religion,