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Prancing, Dancing Lily 

  • Android, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 3+

About Prancing, Dancing Lily 

A fun, interactive story app which can be enjoyed by yourself or with a parent.

Teacher Review

Prancing Dancing Lily is a great example of an interactive story app that allows the user to read on their own, with the help of a parent or by listening and following along with the audio version.

On opening the app you immediately notice the high quality design and illustration, almost as if taken straight from the pages of an award winning picture book. The title screen allows the user to do a number of different things. If they just wished to read the book then this is an option that appears at the bottom of the page, along with the opportunity to have to story read aloud to you. However, in the top right corner there is also an option for further information. On clicking this button a small option panel drops down allowing you to choose a number of different options.

The first of these is a parent’s tab. On selecting this you are redirected to the developer’s website where you can find out more information about the app itself, the developer and the author of the story. The website is very simple to use and there are a number of different ways you can communicate with them if you so wish; twitter, linkedin, email, skype and phone.

The second tab on the drop down options menu is to find out more about Lily, the star of the book. Once selected you are taken to a different page where you are given some information about the author and the real life Lily (a cow). There is a link on her to the author’s website to find out further information as well as a link on the author’s website to some activities that you might like to do around the story. These include some rhyming activities as well as some craft inspired ones such as book marks and puppets. The website also offers downloadable activity sheets in either Word or PDF format.

The next tab takes you a puzzle game, which although simple is a nice addition to the app and with 3 difficulty options and the selection of either a 6 or 12 piece puzzle a well thought out enhancement to what might just have been a ‘simple interactive story book’.

The final two tabs include the ability to turn the sound off and to select which scene you would like from the story. This is where my only real concern lies about the app. |It is not entirely clear how you navigate back from each of these submenu selections to the main page. With a little bit of fiddling and clicking I realised that this can be achieved by clicking the scene selection and then choosing the first scene, however, if it were sign posted in a clearer way that this was how you return to the ‘homepage’ of the app it would have been even better.

Once you are in the story though it is a well-designed and thought out app. It brings together both the joy of reading a book and having an interactive story seamlessly. There is no ‘over animated’ parts where you might spend more time fiddling than enjoying the story. It is perfectly balanced and where it really wins is that everything the developed has done has managed to enhance the enjoyment of a story rather than distract from it. Whilst enjoying the story there are small animations of the book and if the user clicks on certain things they are treated to little extra animations and interactive elements, again all made to enhance the story and the enjoyment of it.

If you choose the option of the story being read to you then it is done in an American accent. Not that this matters in the slightest but from a UK perspective it is worth noting.

Overall this is a lovely example of a developer who wants make reading a great story even better with simple interactive elements that engage the reader and celebrate the story.

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Android, iPhone


Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)


Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
Engagement and Usability


In-App Purchases - No

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Fat Red Couch, Inc.

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A delightful, kid-friendly, super-fun interactive children's storybook app with puzzles, Prancing Dancing Lily tells the tale of a spirited cow who doesn’t fit in with the herd. Prancing Dancing Lily would rather kick up her heels, so she leaves her farm in search of her perfect dance. When Lily finally finds the dance for her, she returns home to her herd and teaches them to drum and dance in line… a Conga line! Lily’s adventures bring joy to all the cows in the herd. In the end, Lily finally becomes the next lead bell cow.

Follow Lily around the world, from New York City to Spain to Senegal. Learn new dances, a bit of geography, and make new friends around the globe.


  • Interactive children's storybook
  • Engaging puzzles with three difficulty levels
  • Fun, interactive animations
  • "Read to Me" and "Read by Myself" modes
  • Comical illustrations
  • Tap to make Lily moo, twirl, and cause a “cowmotion”
  • Many sound and animation surprises to discover
  • Professional audio narration and voices; custom background audio
  • Free Activity Guide for Parents and Teachers available on website

The award-winning story, first published by Penguin books, written by Marsha Diane Arnold, with illustrations by John Manders, Prancing, Dancing Lily was inspired by Ms. Arnold’s childhood growing up on a dairy farm with Ayrshire cows just like Lily.

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