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  • Practice English Grammar - SamPractice English Grammar - SamPractice English Grammar - SamPractice English Grammar - SamPractice English Grammar - Sam


Practice English Grammar helps you learn English grammar with the principle “Practice makes perfect”. Learning English in very simple way (and even without internet)

Practice English Grammar contains many pages of grammar lessons explaining the grammar topics of the tests. With over 500 questions in 16 topics, this app helps you practice the basic usage of English grammar at an elementary level.

This app works even offline. You only need an Internet connection to download additional content packages.

Topics Covered

Comparatives and Superlatives
Modal Verbs
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Present Continuous
Present Simple
Reported Speech
Some and Any

Other topics of english grammar will be included in another app of the “Practice English Grammar” app series.

Tests in “Practice English Grammar” have not only multiple choice questions but also other interactive question types such as multiple response, matching, fill in the blank, text response numeric response etc.. . Some questions contain also media contents such as images, audios and videos which make your learning sessions more fun and interactive.

Comprehensive statistics help you monitor your progress, so that you do not learn the same things again and again but something new.

This app will be constantly updated with new content and tests which help you continually refresh your knowledge.

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