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About powerline.io

Powerline.io is an innovative neon-filled snake game with cool game mechanics. Powerline.io is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

powerline.io Review

What is Powerline.io

Powerline.IO is what you get when you combine snake with Tron. You can play with millions of players from all over the world in this modern-day approach to the classic snake. 

Powerline.IO labels itself as the classic snake with a twist. This game features similar gameplay to Slither IO but with neon-filled glaring graphics and simplistic 4-directional gameplay.

How to play Powerline.io

Powerline IO features a real-time leaderboard where you can develop your strategy as you fight against other neon snakes. Each time you consume, your snake will grow longer until you can create a long line that covers the map. Try not to bump into the body of other snakes or you'll lose - clearing all your score and wiping you out of the leaderboard.

If you get close to other lines, your snake will generate electricity and your line will be powered - giving you a temporary speed boost. You can use this strategy to get an advantage over other players and dominate the battlefield. If you find yourself wanting a competitive challenge, then you should definitely try this innovative snake game. Will you be able to put your name in the leaderboard?

Is Powerline.io free?

Powerline.io is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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Andre Almeida

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You can download powerline.io on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the powerline.io app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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