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About Power Planner

Power Planner is an app that does a decent job of offering scheduling capabilities that go beyond merely copying those found in native calendar apps like Outlook. It is quite convenient for college and university students to have alternating A/B weeks for their classes. The GPA calculator in the app is extremely great, and it works well with the other student-focused elements to provide a nice utility app.

Power Planner Review

Power Planner is a cross-platform academic app for students, complete with online sync, homework, schedules, grade calculation, and more.

What do we like about Power Planner?

The app contains a variety of features designed especially for students in addition to the typical calendar app functions like adding appointments. You can enter information about specific classes, including room numbers, add chores and homework, and pin particular schedules to a tile on your Start Menu. The programme also connects with your native calendar application, allowing you to enter all of the information about your classes and then mostly use your regular calendar.

What skills does it improve?

Your current grade and GPA may both be calculated using the app. You can enter weighted grades so that your grade takes into account the fact that an exam is worth more than a quiz. Although it is a simple feature, it is a useful one for students who are attempting to remain on top of things. Additionally, you can use a "what if" option to determine the grades you'll need on upcoming tasks in order to meet your objectives.

Is Power Planner free?

Power Planner can sync between the iOS and Android versions of the programme and is compatible with native calendar apps, so it works best as a companion to your preferred calendar rather than trying to take its place.

Is Power Planner easy to use?

Students can enter their courses and homework assignments, along with any other relevant information. You may view a lovely class schedule after adding the classes and their times. 

How will students benefit?

With features like automatic reminders, grade calculation, internet sync, and more, Power Planner is the best homework planner for students. You can keep track of your schedule and homework assignments using Power Planner's online account from anywhere. Power Planner enables you to manage semesters, enter classes with timetables and locations, add assignments and exams, get automatic homework reminders, and do a lot more. You can accurately determine your GPA over several semesters thanks to the grade and GPA computation that is completely supported. When using multiple semesters and adding more than five grades to each class, the premium version is unlocked. When you buy Power Planner once, you can use it anywhere. It is available as an in-app purchase. The free version, however, is still fully functioning.

How will parents benefit?

When homework assignments are added, reminders are automatically made, which is quite useful. It is a good addition because once you create an assignment with a deadline, it will appear on the Live Tile.

What can Power Planner improve on?

Power Planner is only to be used for academic purposes. Other types of reminders, such as those for paying internet costs or maintaining your commitments, cannot be added in any way.

How much does Power Planner cost?

However, you'll have to pay a cost of $1.49 for the premium edition if you want to add more than one semester and five grades for each class.

Final thoughts

Middle school, high school, and even college students can benefit greatly from the clear and uncomplicated study schedule programme known as Power Planner. It is one of the most helpful apps for students since it makes it easier to remember class times, keep track of tests, and manage your homework. Google Calendar and Power Planner are integrated to make your life even simpler. Even better, you may calculate your GPA by entering the results of your tests and assignments.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


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BareBones Dev, LLC

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