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Potty Whiz

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  • age 3+

About Potty Whiz

Potty Whiz is created by parents for parents. Potty training can be challenging on us parents, so we made this app so you can turn your child into a potty trained whiz in no time.

Make potty training work for you and your kids. Keep track of potty training activities and get reminders with our handy potty training timer when your little one has to go.

Log the following activities:

• Sat on the potty
• Went to potty
• Told Parents?
• Wiped
• Flushed the potty?
• Washed Hands?
• Accidents
• Drank fluids

Potty Training Tips:
• Get on a potty schedule
• Get your child involved in choosing the potty
• Potty train by example
• Create a potty training song
• Potty train in sessions
• Try naked time
• Give rewards
• Give praise and affirmation
• Limit bedtime drinks
• Read potty themed books

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