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Developer Description

Posco: a new, feature rich, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app

Posco is a new, feature rich, easy to use, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application. Posco gives a voice to people who have difficulty communicating verbally.

With Posco, users can express their needs, wants, and feelings. They can participate in school, share their thoughts, and even partake in conversations. Here are some of the features that make this possible:

- Large library of built-in words and phrases.
- High quality voice.
- Ability to add new items.
- Ability to edit existing items (rename items, customize with personal pictures, delete items).
- Protection against accidental and unwanted additions and modifications (useful if the user is a child).
- Easy to use sentence builder; enables the user to easily repeat previously spoken items.
- High contrast mode.
- Large tile (magnification) mode for tablet devices.
- Backup and restore your library of words and phrases (further protection against accidental and unwanted additions and modifications).
- Tutorial video which covers navigating the application, adding and editing items, and backing up and restoring your library.
- Simplistic, colorful graphics.
- Extremely easy to use.

Posco was created for my [high school] senior year independent study. It has been in development for over one year. I started out with a single goal in mind: to create an affordable, easy to use, powerful AAC application. Achieving this goal was possible due to my experience as not only an aspiring software developer, but as a founding member of my school's Unified Sports team and a member of the Connecticut Unified Sports Youth Activation Council.
After close to six months of real world testing, Posco has consistently been successful in facilitating communication for people with a wide range of disabilities. I hope that Posco can help you or someone you care about in the same way it has helped the people that I care about.


Copyright © 2012 Bryan Keller

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