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Old and overused poems not cutting it or not your style? It's time to step up your charm and write your own!

PortaPoet will help you to quickly and easily write and share rhyming poems that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Use PortaPoet for:
- Writing rhyming poems easily and quickly
- Finding rhymes for words
- Getting syllables and pronunciation help for words
- Writing notes to go with the flowers you want to send
- Wedding speeches
- Song writing
- Easily posting your poetry on facebook or sharing via email and SMS (SMS is iphone only)
- Scoring thousands of points with your guy or gal

Key features:
- No internet access required for finding rhymes.
-- Unlike most rhyming apps, PortaPoet is not simply an embedded webpage of some rhyming website. The rhyming calculations are done on your device.
- Fast rhyme searches
-- Fast and efficient algorithm and no dependence on the internet for finding rhymes means near instantaneous results while looking up rhymes.
- Genuine rhymes
-- The rhymes are based on syllable breakdown of words taking into account lexical stress.
-- NOT simply based on the last few letters of a word.
- Optional lenient rhyming
-- Option available to include lenient rhymes in rhyme searches.
-- Use for the occasional cases when lenient rhymes work.
- Rhyming by syllables
-- Option available to find rhymes for syllable snippets.
-- Can be used for finding rhymes for names or words not in the dictionary
- 'Universal' app
-- Works great on iPhone, iTouch and iPad
-- Two separate interfaces for iPhone/iTouch and iPad to take advantage of the features of each platform.
- Syllable breakdown of words
-- Get the syllable breakdown of words including lexical stress.
- Streamlined interface
-- The app has been specifically designed to be easy and intuitive to use on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. This is not a clunky web page that is clumsy to use on a small screen.
- Rhyme quality indicators
-- Visual indicators to show how strongly a word rhymes with another.
- Just one tap for most rhyme searches
-- The last words of each sentence are automatically captured as you type and shown as a clickable list. Since most rhyming is done with the last words, rhyme searches are just a single tap away.
- Easily share on facebook, SMS and email
-- Post your poems on your facebook wall with integrated facebook sharing.
-- Email your poems easily without quitting the app.
-- SMS your poems from your iPhone. (iTouch and iPad do not support SMS)
- Integrated web searches for words
-- Get more information on a word without having to quit the app with the integrated word look ups.
- Manage your poems
-- Save, rename, delete your poems.
-- Support for swipe gestures to delete poems.
- Word, Character and Line count
-- Updated as you type.
- Lock the app with a password.
-- Can be quickly enabled or disabled using a switch.
- Set the background color to virtually any color you like.

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