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Teacher Overview

Popplet app can be used to organise thoughts and ideas in visual form using diagrams, charts and mindmaps for elementary to high school students requiring a minimalist approach to presentations. 

Teacher Review

Popplet is an excellent way for students to create graphic organizers to organize and share what they have learned! It is easy to use, allows the user to incorporate images and text, and can be exported to photos to be shared via a website.  Popplet is a simple and innovative way to organize a student’s thinking by mapping their thoughts in a text, drawing, or image features. 

Classroom ideas:

  • Note down class discussion points and organise them in a way that works best for students
  • Export work to PDF or JPEG files for sharing with other students
  • Share and review online 'Popplet boards' to gather inspiration from others

How students used it? Teacher says:

"Students used Popplet in many curriculum areas. In a language arts lesson, students created Popplets to analyze characters in a book, incorporating images that illustrated the characteristics that they were describing. They loved all of the options in the app, such as the ability to change font size and to group "popples" together by color-coding them. During a science unit second graders used Popplet to demonstrate what they learned about composting by adding pictures of things that should and should not go into a compost. With both age groups, it took very little instruction to get the kids using the app. In large groups, it's a great way to introduce a topic to visually display what students already know, as well as for pre-writing and brainstorming sessions. I've even taught from a popplet I created in staff development sessions rather than presenting the information in a linear fashion as is so often done. This app has become one of my favorite go-to apps for students to use to share information in a visually appealing creative way!"

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Developer Description

Great for work. Great for school. Popplet is a platform for your ideas. Popplet's super simple interface allows you to move at the speed of your thoughts. With Popplet you can capture your ideas, sort them visually, and collaborate with others in realtime. Quickly and easily!

People use Popplet to:

  • Explore Ideas: Brainstorming, Mindmapping
  • Plan Projects: Diagrams, Process Charts 

  • Record Thoughts: Journals, Notes, Lists

  • Collect Inspiration: Mood Boards, Scrapbook, Travel Plans

  • Create Galleries: Photo albums, Portfolios, Presentations

  • Study: School Projects, Class Notes

The full version of Popplet lets you create an unlimited number of local popplets, which are stored on your iPad. You can also use the full version to create online popplets, which can be shared with and edited by other Popplet users, both on the web at and on their iPads.

Unlike similar apps, Popplet includes the following special features:

  • Boundless Boards
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Realtime Collaboration (ipad to ipad + ipad to web)
  • External VGA Display Support

  • Multi Language Support
  • PDF and JPEG Export
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