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  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 12+

About PopJam

PopJam is a creativity/social media app where kids (including kids under 13) can post content and connect with other users. Kids can create and post drawings, use stickers, animations, and images (so long as they're not identifiable in the images), take quizzes, play games, and more. It's been called "Instagram for kids" because kids can have followers who view and comment on their posts, and they can follow and comment on other users' posted content.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Creative Development


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No


SuperAwesome Ltd

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Publisher's Description


PopJam. It’s fun. It’s free. It’s all about YOU!

Get PopJam now! Create and share art and much more! Watch awesome videos, take quizzes, play games and discover and follow all the stuff you love!

Why you’ll love PopJam:

BECOME A STAR - Get likes and followers to become a PopJam Star!

AMAZING ART - Share your drawings and creations with all your followers!

EPIC QUIZZES - Try our brilliant swipe and trivia quizzes - and take quizzes all about you!

AWESOME VIDEOS - Check out the coolest videos ever!

TOP GAMES - Beat your friends’ high scores!

SUPER STICKERS - Add crazy stickers and GIFs!

DAILY CHALLENGE - Could you be the winner of our creative challenge?

JOIN IN - @Mention and #Tag your posts and comments, heart and ReJam friends’ posts!

Have fun,

The PopJam team

Please note: PopJammers cannot share personally identifying information such as email, full name, phone numbers or selfies/photos of friends.
PopJam is certified COPPA-compliant by KidSAFE. This means that our platform has been reviewed to meet the highest standards of digital privacy and safety.

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