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About PopJam

PopJam is a creativity/social media app where kids (including kids under 13) can post content and connect with other users. Kids can create and post drawings, use stickers, animations, and images (so long as they're not identifiable in the images), take quizzes, play games, and more. It's been called "Instagram for kids" because kids can have followers who view and comment on their posts, and they can follow and comment on other users' posted content.

PopJam Review

PopJam is a free programme that allows children to create, share their artwork, and communicate with other children. It is a child-friendly neighbourhood. It's free software that lets kids create and share art and images with other app users. The app allows kids to participate in quizzes and games. According to Tech Crunch, SuperAwesome, the firm behind the Popjam app, is known for being a kid-friendly technology company that values children's privacy.

What do we like about Pop Jam?

On this app, taking selfies is discouraged and forbidden. When utilising the Popjam app, users are encouraged to use stickers rather than their own selfies. Negative content and comments are removed from the app by the company. This software has a low number of defective languages, making it a relatively safe app for kids to use.

What skills does it improve?

The Popjam software fosters creativity by allowing users to sketch pictures and embellish them with stickers and colours. Animations and gifs can also be added to the photos by the children. This software also allows kids to watch videos and complete quizzes.

What age is it appropriate for?

PopJam is an app for children under the age of thirteen. Any Android or iOS smartphone can be used to download the app. 

Is Pop Jam free?

It is available for download for free, and there are no in-app purchases.

Is Pop Jam easy to use?

This is a fantastic game for both artists and non-artists alike. All of the lovely art created by humans inspires much! If you're going to design a game where you have to draw, make it more enjoyable for your players by providing them with everything they need to create great art, such as layers, brushes, and so on.

How will students benefit?

It's all about the community at PopJam. Join the community by searching for your favourite games. PopJam has a ton of Groups for you to join, whether you want to talk about Overlook Bay, Fashion Famous, or the greatest Roblox advice. Keep a look out for special PopJam game prizes such as pets and other items.

How will teachers benefit?

This is a far safer option for youngsters than any other social media platform. The app is relatively safe due to its high level of moderation. This app also prohibits youngsters from using it between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. On this app, kids are encouraged to be creative, and the company promises that no personal information will be shared.

How will parents benefit?

The parental portal allows parents to keep an eye on their children's activities.

What can Pop Jam improve on?

The most frustrating aspect of this programme for me is that it does not warn parents when a child's content is exposed. This could be a result of rude language, inappropriate behaviour, or unfavourable remarks.

How much does Pop Jam cost?

It is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts?

People that make insulting remarks can be reported by users. On the app, using the report button is simple. Users are also urged to block persons that bother them. A user who has been blocked cannot search for you or leave comments on your postings. This generates creativity and fosters the interest of the kids. 

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