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Poll Everywhere

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 16+

About Poll Everywhere

Poll everywhere is a student response app that allows students to give instant answers or feedback on presented content or offer assessment through teacher-designed surveys, polls, and discussion boards. Teachers can use text or images to relay responses and students can react to the real-time responses from their peers. The app can bring more interactivity into your classes to further engage students in the learning experience.  

Teacher Review

Poll Everywhere allows for five different types of question / poll to be created:

  • Multiple choices – this gives the students a number of different options to choose from. The results are presented in a graph
  • Open-ended - students can give text answers that are as long as they want. The open-ended responses can be displayed in a variety of ways, including a text wall and a word cloud
  • Q&A/Brainstorm - gives the audience the opportunity to submit ideas and questions which can then be voted up or down, allowing the audience to anonymously agree or disagree with others' responses.
  • Ranking - allows students to rank multiple answers in a chosen order
  • Clickable image - this allows you to upload an image which the students can then click on using their computer/smart device. For example, students could be asked to identify a particular area on a map or a feature on a graph. Clickable image can only be used via the web link or the app

You can create a poll for a specific class and students can vote via mobile phone, text messages or any web enabled device (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) The polls update seconds after students enter their votes, and results can be displayed on the presenting screen. You can choose to display the poll within a web page, or embedded in a presentation.

Adult learners typically cannot focus on passive material for more than 15-18 minutes. Giving students an opportunity to break up passive learning into more active learning can refocus their attention. Poll Everywhere is one way to work in such a break. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


Poll Everywhere

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The free Poll Everywhere mobile app is perfect for responding to polls, presenting polls, and clicking through PowerPoint presentations. Use it to...

1.) Respond to polls: Audience members can use the app to respond to the presenter’s questions live.
2.) Poll an audience: Presenters can ask the audience questions and display poll responses live.
3.) Navigate in Powerpoint: Presenters can control the flow of Powerpoint presentations using a smartphone as a wireless remote.

Audience members or students can easily respond to polls or vote using the app on a smartphone or tablet. Aside from the app, they can respond via web browser, text message, or Twitter.

Professors, teachers and presenters can create and display questions on the fly, including Q&A and multiple choice polls. Questions can be presented directly from the web or embedded in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Audience responses are displayed in real-time. Great for classroom participation, or gathering opinions from the audience.

PowerPoint Remote
Presenters using PowerPoint can use the Poll Everywhere mobile app as a presentation clicker, to navigate through your PowerPoint presentation with ease. It has a slick, streamlined design and a set of polling controls built-in.

Key Features

  • Create or answer multiple choice, true/false, open ended, ranking poll, and clickable image questions.
  • Participants are automatically shown the presenter's current question, for quick and easy participation.
  • Watch results update live.
  • Click through a PowerPoint presentation with the included Presenter Remote feature.
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