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Ever wonder what is the exact opposite point on the earth from where you're standing? If you dug a hole to the other side of the earth where would you end up? What is the diametrically opposite point on the earth from where you are standing? Answer these plus figure out the polar opposite point ("antipode") of any other location you choose around the world.

Antipode [an-ti-pohd] = place diametrically opposite each other on the globe, direct or opposite point, polar opposite.

For more information on antipodes, see Wikipedia:

Impress your friends and family with instant prediction of any antipode. Enhance your geography knowledge with this simple and fun app.

Main Features:

* Instant access to any antipode on earth

* Choose starting point from either manual entry or your address book

* Toggle between viewing modes by zooming into the start point, end point, overview, or by manually zooming into any point on the map

* Full Google map integration
Note: Internet connection required

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