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About Download Pokemon GO for iOS and Android

Pokémon GO is an insanely popular augmented reality game, has captured the attention of kids and adults alike, creating new opportunities for teachers to make lessons more engaging.

Download Pokemon GO for iOS and Android Review

The Pokemon franchise has always been about two things: collecting fanciful creatures and making them fight each other. Pokemon Go builds on this, using augmented reality to bring these challenges into the real world. It uses your phone’s camera and GPS to show Pokemon around you in the real world. So, for example, while I’m walking through the school, I actually see different Pokemon in the various classes and play areas.

The idea and concept behind the app is innovative, yet similar apps have previously been built to use the GPS capability, with the opportunity to create treasure hunts around the local area. 

Pokemon Go will allow people of all ages to come together to solve problems. The app would be engaging, fun, and users would feel good about what they learn and accomplish.

Key Terms Explained

  • Pokeball: the item you need to capture Pokemon
  • Pokestop: Place you locate in the game and visit to gather Pokeballs
  • Pokedex: A incomplete encyclopedia given to you in the game that is populated with details of the Pokémon as you capture them
  • Gym: a specific place in the game where you can have your Pokemon battle for control

How Pokemon Go can be used in Education?

Digital Storytelling - Students can take the image of the Pokemon and use it later in creating a digital story about their adventures.

Data Literacy Skills - Ed Tech magazine suggests that using the data-tracking element of the game to teach students important data literacy skills like processing, manipulation, presentation and analysis of data.

Fun with supervision - Kids can get out in the real world and be active, looking for characters, plus learn about landmarks.

Join one of three major Pokemon Go teams - Mystic, Valor, or Instinct - and assault gyms controlled by other players in tense Pokemon battles. Then, when the tables are turned, defend your gym with your own powerful Pokemon!

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