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Poemhunter offers a rich database of classic, contemporary, and modern poetry pieces. It features tens of thousands of poets from the classical age to the modern times.

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The Poemhunter app is the definitive source of great poetry written by famous literary masters. It offers an impressive collection of poems, ballads, quotes, biographies, and many more.

Poemhunter offers an amazing database of 85,000 poets. Almost all of the greatest masters of poetry are included in the app’s poet collection.

This app also offers a huge collection of poems from the Greek classics up to the modernist traditions. It gives you full access to more than 800,000 poems, ballads, sonnets, and many more.


  • Featured Poet Section
  • Poem of the Day
  • Topical Search Tool - You can look for thematic poems

How teachers and students can use it?

  • Teachers can use a poem found in this app for a close read. Teachers can have students summarize, analyze, and/or critique the poem as part of the close read. 
  • Teachers can assign students a poet to study. Students will have to find the poet in this app and read selections of his/her poetry. Next, students can write a poetic analysis of the works they read that identifies attributes such as: (1) common themes, (2) writing style, and/or (3) subject material. Students must explain how one or more of those attributes appears across the poet’s work. 
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Poemhunter app is the poetry library in your phone whit a huge archive of poems and poets of the world literature. Whenever you feel like reading a poem, tap on Random Poem; and see what this brings you.

Poemhunter apps archive has more than 85,000 poets and 882,000 poems from all around the world. Embark on the adventure in this archive. You can also use topics to find the topic you’re looking for.

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