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Pocket World 3D - unique puzzle

Assemble models, travel world.

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Pocket World 3D is an elegant problem-solving app which provides a number of free puzzle games. Create beautiful 3D models of famous world buildings by rotating and manipulating each landmark and dragging and dropping the component parts to build each one. Practise your visual and spatial reasoning and perception as you estimate the angle of each turn to get the positioning just right. The music is super-relaxing, and it is great as a brain-training exercise or simply a wind-down tool suitable for most ages. A description of each landmark aids historical and geographical knowledge and could be read aloud to a child if the text is too tricky.

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  • Pocket World 3D - unique puzzlePocket World 3D - unique puzzlePocket World 3D - unique puzzlePocket World 3D - unique puzzlePocket World 3D - unique puzzlePocket World 3D - unique puzzle


Pocket World 3D is a fun and relaxing 3D puzzle game. All the models are based on world's famous buildings. While assembling the parts into various of models, players are also feeling the exotic atmospheres around the world.

The in-game model perfectly restores the buildings around the world. There is corresponding description under the models, to help player know the world better.

Game feature:
* Assembling by yourself,hands-on and build it up, experience assembly fun.
* 3D vision,a new 3D puzzle game that trains your brain, open your imagination.
* Hundreds of famous scenarios here, take you travel the world in the smart phone.
* Enjoy listening to classical music while managing your model.

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