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About Pocket Sight Words

The Pocket Sight Words app utilises the idea of flash cards and embraces technology to help young children on their way to learning to read through working with sight words. By enhancing the idea of flash cards through using the ability of a device to read out words and help with comprehension this app really gives young children the ability to compound their knowledge of reading through sight words whilst challenging themselves within the game based element of the app.

Pocket Sight Words Review

Pocket Sight Words is a very well designed sight words app that has a lot of extremely positive features to it. From looking at the developer’s website it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into producing the app including sound research of the type of app that will benefit young children the most in learning how to read. The website also contains some useful information about the app with some reasoning behind its design and also its functionality as well as the ability to contact the developer or share over social media. A nice addition on the website is a blog written by the developer and this has some useful information on but also gives a personal touch to the user rather than just feeling like a business trying to make money. The design of the website is also extremely welcoming and this is one of the main features in the app too.

The key objective of the app is to help young children, who are beginning to learn how to read, to improve their abilities through the use of flash cards. Through the app children are exposed to 44 different sight word lists which is a total of 220 words. Children work their way through each list in sequential order and unlock the next list by completing the one they are on. Each word is presented on the page nice and clear in big simple font. This allows the child the ability to learn how to read without any distractions. Help is given by clicking on a couple of different options. In total the screen is very sparse with one big bulk of colour in the background and the word on top of this, very much like a flash card. However, there is also the option for the user to click on a picture of a microphone. By doing this the word is read out loud giving the user the ability to hear the correct pronunciation. It is worth knowing that there is an Australian dialect to this app and because of this it may not apply to educational users outside of Australia due to the different enunciation of certain sounds. However there is nothing in the actual content and learning style that would mean it couldn’t be used outside of Australia, just the dialect. Another button that the user could click on is a magnifying glass. By selecting this button the user is taken to a further screen where they can access a sentence that gives further comprehension to the word. This sentence can again be read out by clicking on the microphone picture. 

As each word in the list is accessed a small score chart at the bottom of the page keeps the progress of the user in that list. Once all the words have accessed then the user is given a short test to help them see how much they have learnt from the list. This test involves a list appearing on the page and the user being asked to select a specific word. Once they have completed this they are given a score for each word they got correct. The next list only becomes available when the user does not get more than 1 incorrect answer in the ‘Find the Word’ game thus demonstrating the user’s competency. This is a really good feature as it allows a competitive element for the user to continue to challenge themselves each time they use the app but also if the app were to be used by a school then it gives the educator and opportunity to see how much progress each child is making.

Overall Pocket Sight Words is a really good app that has a number of excellent features to it. In learning to read there are a number of words that have to be learnt via sight and this app utilises the strengths of flash cards and technology to make this not only a fun experience but one that the user can return to again and again to improve their proficiency.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)


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Cortes Global Pty Ltd.

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