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Pocket Heart 2

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About Pocket Heart 2

★★★★★ Pocket Heart redefines what engaging medical education content truly is. Our award-winning realtime beating 3D heart app, with its elegant design, contains quizes, clinical cases and over 20,000 words of learning material.

"Great for patient education, especially seeing the heart beat in real time"
★★★★★ -

"Offers students a unique way to view the workings of the heart"
★★★★★ -

"Helpful to medical students, residents and clinicians"
★★★★★ -

"Pocket Heart is truly a good learning tool for cardiac anatomy and physiology"
★★★★★ -

At Pocket Anatomy, we work with healthcare professionals, educators and patients to design meaningful and beautiful mobile medical education software.

✓ All anatomical content resides in the app (no need for wi-fi or 3G).
✓ 20,000 words of detailed learning content.
✓ Intuitive navigation (so you don’t have to scroll through a long lists)
✓ Multiple quiz types & options, enabling self-paced learning.
✓ Interactive engaging multimedia content.
✓ Universal Build – for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Heart is your premium medical education mobile reference tool. It assists the medical, nursing and health care practitioner learn clinically relevant anatomy of the human heart for examination, revision and patient education purposes.

The intuitive navigation enables the user to visualize, hear and understand how the human heart works, in 3D. Anatomical structures in each layer are pinned for identification and associated with each pin is additional concise relevant information including clinical notes.

Our suite contains the following medical education apps:

★★★★★ Pocket Body - Interactive Human Anatomy
★★★★★ Pocket Brain - Interactive Neuroanatomy
★★★★★ Pocket Heart - Interactive Cardiology

Unlike alternative human anatomy software, our apps have been co-developed with practitioners, educators and medical students (from storyboard phase right through to present day versions on the store).

We see our range of apps as ever evolving, and we invite you, our external team members, to share your feedback with us on how to improve the content, usability and design of our apps.

Click on the Support link below to participate in our Product Improvement Program.

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iPad, iPhone



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