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Playtime Island from CBeebies

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About Playtime Island from CBeebies

CBeebies Playtime Island is an app for families to enjoy, where kids can learn as they play. Whether you want to collect musical notes with Mr Tumble in Mr Tumble’s Rhyme Time, help Gem win her jewels back in My Swashbuckle Adventure or solve fun engineering problems with Bitz & Bob in Let's Get Bitzy. The app is jam-packed with great free games for kids and new games are added regularly. 

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  • Playtime Island from CBeebiesPlaytime Island from CBeebiesPlaytime Island from CBeebiesPlaytime Island from CBeebiesPlaytime Island from CBeebiesPlaytime Island from CBeebies


Kids can learn as they play with CBeebies favourites, Hey Duggee, Go Jetters, Swashbuckle, Peter Rabbit, Bing and more! Personalise your child’s island with over 25 free games to choose from. All the games in CBeebies Playtime Island meet specific needs of children and their parents or carers, with a focus on bonding, learning, discovery and self-expression.


Tap on the balloon to view the full range of games available. Choose up to eight games at a time to personalise your child’s island with their CBeebies favourites.

This personalisation means that the app can grow with your child as they develop and their interests change.

Games can be replaced as many times as you like so whether you want to try them all or simply want to remove one game to make space for a new one, the choice is yours!


No Wi-Fi? No problem! Downloaded games can be played offline and on-the-go, so whether you are at home or out and about, there are no limits!


Discover the full list of the games available below:

• Andy’s - Andy’s Animals Teams
• Biggleton - Get the Jobs Done
• Biggleton - Helping Hands
• Bing - Build and Play
• Bitz & Bob - Ice Cream Party
• Bitz & Bob - Let’s Get Bitzy
• The Furchester Hotel - A Helping Hand
• Go Jetters - Cadet Rescue
• Go Jetters - Global Glitch
• Go Jetters - Global Grooves
• Go Jetters - Hero Academy
• Hey Duggee - Squirrel Club Quest
• Kit & Pup - World of Opposites
• Maddie's Do You Know? - Explore with Maddie
• Moon and Me - Time to Go to Sleep
• Mr Tumble - Mr Tumble's Rhyme Time
• Octonauts - Ocean Adventures
• Pablo’s Art World Adventure
• Peter Rabbit - Hop To It
• Swashbuckle - My Swashbuckle Adventure
• Swashbuckle - The Great Pirate Games
• Tee and Mo - Our Little World
• Tee and Mo - Picnic Time
• Teletubbies - Play Day
• Twirlywoos - Explore and Play
• Waffle the Wonder Dog - Puppy Playtime
• Waffle the Wonder Dog - Waffle & Friends

Watch this space - there’ll be more games from your favourite CBeebies friends coming soon!


Playtime Island contains accessibility features such as subtitles for the hearing impaired.


CBeebies Playtime Island does not collect any personally identifiable information from you or your child.

To give you the best experience and help us improve the app, Playtime Island uses anonymous performance stats for internal purposes. You can choose to opt out of this at any time from the in-app Settings menu.

By installing this app you agree to our Terms of Use at

Find out about your privacy rights and the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy at

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