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Welcome to PlayTales!

More than 1,000,000 families across the world are reading and playing with BOOKS and GAMES from the PlayTales Bookstore.

We love reading, we love pictures, we love games and we love familiar faces! PlayTales offers interactive books: traditional and classic, popular and new, for toddlers and beginning readers that will engage them in books and stories once again.

THERE’S SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM – PlayTales Bookstore makes it easy for you or your kids to choose and download books.
★ Demo what’s “new and noteworthy” BEFORE you buy.
★ Choose from a catalog of 40+ stories for boys and girls ages 1-8+.
★ See what’s popular and rate the stories yourself.
★ Read and play with new stories every week!

GREAT STORIES FOR FAMILIES OF ANY LANGUAGE – PlayTales Bookstore crosses borders and thresholds reaching out to families around the world.
★ English
★ Spanish
★ French
★ German
★ Italian
★ Chinese
★ Japanese

COMMUNITIES FOR FAMILIES – Log onto our Facebook page or Twitter to see what’s happening in the PlayTales community.

Contact the PlayTales team at the following email: Or visit our web page if you prefer:

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